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Make a Woven Wonder Gift Topper in 5 Easy Steps!

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weavingTurn any package into a mini loom! If you teach the recipient how to tie off the edges, they’ll have a little coaster or place mat in addition to the gift inside.

For this gift topper, you'll need two types of yarn (the example below uses Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® in Citron and Lion Wool® in Dark Teal*.), tape, and a tapestry needle, in addition to your wrapped gift.

*Editors' Note: Lion Wool® has been discontinued since this article was originally published. Try a color-changing yarn like Amazing® and Landscapes® or use the leftover yarn from the handmade gift inside.

Step 1

Tape the end of the first yarn to the back of your package. Wrap yarn around package lengthwise, keeping strands close together (aprox ¼" apart). Wrap about 20 times for a coaster, 50 for a placemat OR any even number of times. Once wrapped, cut yarn, remove the tape holding the other end of yarn and tie the two strands together, being careful not to distort the front lineup. Trim tails.

Step 2

Cut about 3 yards (108") of second yarn (or enough yarn to go around your package in the other direction several times). Tape one end to back of package as before. Thread other end of yarn through tapestry needle.

Step 3

Wrap yarn around to front of package. When you reach the crossing yarns, weave tapestry needle over one strand then under one strand until you reach the other side. [For more tips on weaving, click here to see our step-by-step pattern for making your own cardboard loom and weaving on it.]

Step 4

Wrap yarn around back of package to front again. Weave tapestry needle through crossing yarns again, this time working under one strand first, then over one strand to the other side.

Step 5

Repeat steps 3 & 4 10 times for a coaster (20 strands), 30-40 times for a placemat, depending on the size of your box. Keep the number of strands an even number, to make tying off easy. When you run out of yarn, remove tape from starting end and tie the two strands together in the back. If you’re not finished weaving yet, tape a new strand of yarn to the back and begin again.

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