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Make a Simple Shrug with Yolanda Soto-Lopez

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Make a Simple Shrug with Yolanda Soto-Lopez

One of our most popular patterns, the Simple Shrug, is an easy project that’s perfect for beginners. The pattern is essentially a long rectangle seamed together at the ends to form a “one size fits all” shrug. Many of you have been excited to start this pattern, but wanted more of a visual explanation about seaming the ends and how the whole thing comes together. Now, we’re happy to share with you this wonderfully detailed video that will help guide you on this pattern journey!

Check out this new video with Yolanda Soto-Lopez of “All Crafts Channel” as she walks you through every step of the way for this pattern.

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  • This is a great pattern! I’m making the similar one 90691AD. Almost done! Love the red color. Re. the video recommendations, don’t forget about your small business Local Yarn Shop for supplies!

  • Yay!! I love Yolanda’s videos xoxo THANK YOU Lion Brand and Thank you Yolanda

  • I absolutely love this shrug beautiful… you are great thanks Yolanda

  • can’t they just give us the regular directions and a drawing of the pattern shape? I hate watching videos and this one is half an hour long!

    • Never mind! I found the regular directions under the highlighted “simple shrug”. It is a great looking pattern and in my favorite yarn!

    • I love watching the videos it makes it so clear However if you don’t want to watch the video she said you can print it out at

  • Love your tutorials, Yolanda – and your voice is great, soothing but interesting! I have a question… after sewing up the first side seam (catching two loops on each stitch) the second side seam was very different looking since it is the original cast on end (is this correct?). Do you just catch one loop on each side when sewing the seam? Thanks!

  • I NEVER shop at Hobby Lobby any more, as a result of their discrimination against their female employees re: health insurance.

    • I love your tutorials, your voice, and instructions are wonderful. I go to your tutorials all the time when I’m stuck on certain stitches, you make it easy to follow. I love the results of this sweater. Thanks so much

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