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Make a Pattern – Rate a Pattern

One of the great features of our Pattern Finder(R) is the feedback we get from people. You’ll find a wealth of information from people who have actually made the pattern and taken the time to write a detailed review along with a rating from 1 to 5 stars.

We invite you to participate in the rating process. You’ll be helping others by sharing the experience you have had making a pattern.

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  • I was using pattern finder last evening and found some odd trouble with the search engine. I was looking for a child’s knit cardigan, which I tried findind both as a search term and by narrowing by category. Each and every time, it would dispaly the first page of the result, only to add every other pattern in the library back into the reults starting on the second page of results. I tried several searches to verify what was happening. Otherwise, I LOVE the patterns on the site, love reading the reviews, and LOVE the site in general. Thanks so much ,it is a fiber lover’s treasure and one of my most used resources.

  • Hi Kristin, thanks for pointing this out and for the nice things you said about our site. We did fix the glitch!

  • I have made over one hundred knitted “Chemo” caps on straight needles. I altered the start of the cap because the original pattern stretched too much. I begin with 5 rows of k 1, p 1 ribbing, and then continue with the pattern. I know from personal experience about the stretching, because during chemotherapy I made 35 hats for myself. The caps are wonderful to wear. I matched hat, blouse, earrings, bracelet and socks to give myself a lift (I made the jewelry). I have used several types of yarns. I still get requests for the hats. It is easy to make and not time consuming. I rate it 5 stars because it can make other people feel better when given as a gift.

  • I have tried all week (started over at least 5 times) to make the Colorful Wheels Afghan. I am new at reading patterns. But to me that one is really hard to understand. If anyone can help me with it I would appreciate it.

    Zontee says: Hi Stacy, don’t forget to check out our Learning Center for explanations and diagrams of most common terms used. And for more help, you can always contact our support staff by e-mailing

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