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Make a Fun 4th of July Beach Wrap with Fettucini!

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Make a Fun 4th of July Beach Wrap with Fettucini!

Fun! Fourth of July! Fettucini!

Audra Kurtz shows you how to make a fantastic 4th of July beach cover (or scarf, it’s versatile!) using Lion Brand’s Fettuccini® Yarn!

If you enjoyed Audra’s tutorial, check out her YouTube channel, The Kurtz Corner!

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  • Audra, this is a lovely project and you are a lovely young woman. May I suggest that, should you show another scarf project, you put your hair in a poy or bun? That way we’d get to admire the project better. I can hardly wait to make this for my great-niece!

    • Thank you, sandcastle! Yes, I will be tackling those silly bangs in the future. It’s one of those habits you don’t realize you’re doing it until someone says something! 🙂

  • Love it. What type of fabric works best?

    • Thanks, Kris! I like using a jersey knit fabric. It runs just a little, but once those fringe pieces are in there it seems to hold well. I would try hand washing it though or spot cleaning if it ever gets dirty.

  • Get rid of the hair…..

  • Not exactly the best spokesperson, but like the project! (agree that the HAIR is too distracting)

  • WONDERFUL project!
    But if the hair in her face bothers her, she might think about pinning it back?

  • Audra, the scarf is just snappy, thank you for the tutorial. (since everyone is mentioning your great hair- I just wanna say that I used to keep mine just like yours many eons ago- when I was in my 20s!)

    • Thanks, Cathy! I never realized it was so distracting! Guess it’s just a nervous habit 🙂 I’ll be breaking out the bobby pins in the future lol

  • good show but gee …. the hair?

  • Agree…so cute, but if you have to keep pushing your hair back, it distracts from what you are showing.

  • Thanks for the feedback ladies! I am glad you enjoyed the tutorial and I will be sure to pin back those pesky bangs in future videos 😉

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