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Make a Convertible Colorwork Headband with Bonbons!


Convertible Colorwork Heaband

Winter in New York City can get sort of dreary with all the neutral-toned outerwear shrouding the fashion sense that the city is known for. So I decided to infuse my winter look with some color to lift my spirits! I fell in love with the vibrant hues of our Bonbons yarn and thought that a colorwork project would be perfect to showcase it.

Convertible Colorwork Headband Blocked

I didn't really have a clear plan at first, I just grabbed a few packs of Bonbons, casted on some stitches, and switched patterns whenever I felt like it. I had a great time coming up with all the stitch patterns and (upon the prompting of my boyfriend) even made little Space Invaders! As I was working, I decided that I wanted to get the most mileage I could out my cheery new accessory so I made it convertible to allow for plenty of styling options!


I made the bow detachable by gathering it with a snap tab in the center. I did different patterns on each side to make it reversible as well. Making the bow detachable also made it a nice transitional piece for spring. When the weather  gets warmer I can  just wear the bow alone by securing it to my hair with bobby pins!

You can see the pattern for this project here.

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