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Make a Baby Mobile with Audra Kurtz

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Make a Baby Mobile with Audra Kurtz

Audra Kurtz shows you how to make a baby mobile using Lion Brand’s Tweed Stripes®!

If you enjoyed Audra’s tutorial, check out her YouTube channel, The Kurtz Corner!

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  • How are you attaching this to a crib or wherever you are mounting it?

    • Hi, Twigwoman! I am using filament wire or just clear thread to attach it to the ceiling above my sons crib. You could also use the same yarn from the Tweed Stripes skein. Simply attach three strands of yarn or wire to your mobile, spacing them out evenly so that the mobile is balanced, and then tie the three strands together creating a knot at the end. Place a small thumb tack through the knot and insert into the ceiling!

      • My husband used to change out his fishing line every few months and I’d grab the old line for a lot of my craft work (like suncatchers). Much cheaper than a spool of invisible thread, and much stronger!

        • Excellent tip. Thanks for sharing!

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