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Love the Earth with Our Organic Yarns

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Love the Earth with Our Organic Yarns

Yarn crafting is a great way to feel one with nature–creating something from scratch in a peaceful environment, instead of fighting mall crowds to pick up that mass-produced sweater, is one of the purest activities of them all. This is true no matter what fiber you’ve decided to use, but especially so with all-natural fibers. In our final ode to Earth Month, I want to tell you a little bit about two of our all-natural, organic yarns.

LB Collection Organic Wool is one of our affordable luxury fibers, and comes in five rich and beautiful tones to create stunning hand-knits. This worsted-weight yarn is a great choice for fall sweaters and bold felted projects. Not only is the fiber 100% organically produced, it is also dyed with low-impact dyes, and has been certified according to Global Organic Textiles Standards by the Institute of Marketecology. When you’re ready to get knitting or crocheting, we have 20 patterns designed specifically for this yarn listed on Click here to see pattern inspiration for Organic Wool.

Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton, a staple of the Lion Brand Yarn collection, is produced with cotton grown and spun without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals, and, like Organic Wool, features low-impact dyes certified according to Global Organic Textile Standards. This lightly-spun worsted weight yarn is super soft and very versatile. It’s my personal favorite choice for baby blankets, but is also a perfect choice for shawls, scarfs, hats, and other garments. Best of all, this yarn is produced in the United States, so you can support your planet and your country. You can find more than 100 patterns featuring Organic Cotton by clicking here.


What will you make with our organic yarns?

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