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Looking Forward to Spring with Michelle Edwards

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Looking Forward to Spring with Michelle Edwards

This is a guest post from Michelle Edwards–a life long knitter and the author/illustrator of many books for children including the 2006 Gryphon award winner, STINKY STERN FOREVER and CHICKEN MAN winner of National Jewish Book Award. Michelle lives in Iowa City, Iowa with her husband and three daughters. She is a frequent contributor to the Lion Brand Weekly E-Newsletter.

Greetings from Iowa!

Last week a strange critter appeared in our backyard. It had an intelligent, sharp-featured face and a long tail. Wondering what it was, I consulted our resident wildlife expert, my youngest daughter, Lelia.

Stumped, she took a few pictures of it, and headed over to quiz our more knowledgeable neighbors. I waited by the window, watching nature in action. The creature’s delicate hands grubbed around the leaves and grass, eating something found there. It’s amazing how fascinating animals can be. A few minutes later, Lelia returned with the answer; a possum.

The very next day, close to to where the possum appeared, I spotted a fox. For the first time ever. Could these visitors be signs of spring? I sure hope so.

Yarns like LB Collection Cotton Bamboo in colors like Magnolia, Cherry Blossom, Hyacinth and Hibiscus, inspire me with visions of summery knits, especially on cold, rainy days like today. This month I plan to free up some of my needles, tackle the past, before embracing the new. My next story is about preparing for spring by finishing projects started last year. (Look out for this week’s newsletter to read it!)

My charitable knitting contribution this month will be washcloths, and Warm Up America squares.

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  • I was just curious as the the size (length wise) of penguin? How tall?? Thanks. 🙂

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