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Lola's Alternate Take on Yarnbombing ...

Here is the latest installment of Lola, from its creator Todd Clark.


Crochet Crafty Disguise Yarn Bombed Branches Knit Kitty Cat Headbands

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  • Dee Hansen

    It would be fun if yarn bombers' creations could also be useful to folks in need. Could a home without decent blankets be yarn bombed and still have the bombers get the effect they're going for? Where there's a will, there's a way.

  • suziequeue

    In Iowa City there's an annual "tree hugger" program to yarnbomb trees throughout the downtown. In the spring the tree huggers are taken down and repurposed into hats, scarfs and blankets and donated to the homeless shelter and other social service agencies in the area. So it's both fun and for a good cause.