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Lola goes retro!

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Lola goes retro!

Here is the latest installment of Lola, from its creator Todd Clark.


Want to go retro too? Crochet the new Retro Clutch and you’ll be going back in time before you know it …

Made with Vanna’s Glamour and our new thin metallic ribbon, Glitterspun®.

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  • chocolate & hope: yeah, I’d call them “absolute essentials”!

  • Meowzebub – I love your name. Does your person know that you are learning to knit and crochet by reading Lion Brand Yarn blogs on the internet? I am sure that she would approve, of course.

    And I agree with your comment – chocolate and hope are top of a lot of people’s list of absolute essentials. Just be sure to feed the chocolate to the human, as a tranquilizer, as a reward for filling the food dish with cat appropriate treats, cleaning the litter box, buying yarn and other appropriate cat toys, and sometimes just to show your human that she is an acceptable worshiper of the household cat / deity.

    Because a cat or dog actually consuming the chocolate would most often regret doing so. While most humans mistakenly prefer chocolate to catnip, cats should stick with the real catnip, and not the disappointing human catnip substitute. Dogs should stick with cheese or bacon in stead of chocolate, which means that dogs need a washable purse – why does that not surprise us! A dog with bacon, a human with chocolate, or a cat with catnip all are achieving the closest most of us come to Nirvana in this world at this time, and hope means accepting as possible the rumor that there is something better than bacon, chocolate, or catnip. What more do we need, indeed?

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