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Lola Gets Some Good Advice from David Babcock, The Knitting Runner

Here is the latest installment of Lola, from its creator Todd Clark.


Please donate $10 to the Alzheimer's Association in support of David Babcock's upcoming New York City Marathon race. If every Notebook reader gives just $10, we'll reach our goal of $3500 before the race!

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    Hey David Babcock, any advice about knitting while walking with crutches? Some of us knitters are mobility challenged! I can knit on a plane, on a boat, in a car, in a bus, and on a train! But I still cannot figure out how to knit and walk at the same time, mostly because walking is permanently a challenge for me. So I envy you a little for being able to run and knit, but I also think that what you do is absolutely awesome! At least I can walk (with crutches, but walking is a great thing however one accomplishes it), and I can knit, pretty well, and it is good therapy for my injured hand and arm too, which is why I started it, but I am keeping at it because I love it. Keep up all the good work that you do, and I will keep rooting for you.