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Lion Staff Bowling Night

This is a guest post from Mike D. in our New Jersey office:

At Lion Brand, we enjoy a company get-together that is casual and gives us a chance to talk, knit or crochet, and play at the same time. Sure it may seem odd to walk into a bowling alley, and see people knitting or crocheting in between frames, but luckily we have a couple of ringers (Debbie with the high score in the first two games) so when people walk by and take a look up at our scores, we are not too embarrassed.

It was a great time to mix and mingle with co-workers that you may not necessarily have time in the work day to chat with.  I enjoyed watching Laura, who is awesome in Customer Service, brainstorm with Dean, one of the owners of the company, about what bowling shirts we should be wearing (for example, showing a lion bowling but with a ball of yarn in place of the bowling ball), and Ed (who runs one of our warehouses) told us all how he hasn’t bowled in 20 years but of course he bowled a strike with his first ball.

We had a great time, even though half of us had no idea what we were doing, but most of all, we enjoyed creating friendships with our co-workers. Part of what makes bowling night fun for our company is that people are there because they want to be there, and not because they are forced to participate.  About a year ago, we had our first bowling night and we barely had enough bowlers to fill two lanes.  A year later we take up four lanes.  If you work for a company that is looking for an inexpensive, but wonderful evening out, I would recommend bowling night.  When topped off with delicious nachos, it was the perfect event.

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  • Aw, now this makes me feel better for bringing my crocheting and knitting with me when I go out bowling or elsewhere 😀

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