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Lion Brand's "7 Wonders of the Yarn World" Fashion Show

The Lion Brand Yarn Company attends The Craft & Hobby Association Conference and Tradeshow every year and a highlight of the event is our fashion show, hosted by Lion Brand spokesperson Vanna White. At this year's show, we unveiled The 7 Wonders of The Yarn World – a series of sculptures designed by fiber artist Nathan Vincent. Each sculpture represented one of the 7 Wonders in yarn techniques, and we presented a fashion show where each technique was reflected in a variety of fashions.

The yarns featured in the show include Unique, Tweed Stripes®, Bonbons, Homespun, Heartland, Amazing®, Pound of Love®, Heartland Thick & Quick®, Hometown USA®, Homespun® Thick & Quick®, Wool-Ease®, Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®, Vanna’s Choice®, and Vanna’s Glamour®.

Below is a selection of garments from the show - click the image to get the free pattern. All of the patterns and yarns in the collection are available at lionbrand.com.

CHA- Lace CHA-lace-homespun CHA-lacework CHA-lacewrap
Knit Fan Lace Tunic
Crochet Painterly Beret
Openwork Knit Shrug
Crochet Two Way Ribbed Scarf
Knit Lacework Cardigan Knit Lacework Hat
Knit Seven Wonders Wrap
CHA-texture CHA-chevrons-pncho CHA-texture-fettucini CHA-texture
Knit Voyager Vest
Crochet Neon Beginner Scarf
Knit Cocoon Cape
Knit Simple Hat
Crochet Fern's Necklace
Knit and Crochet 3 Color Top
Crochet Williamsburg Hat
Knit Multidirectional Afghan*
CHA-chevron CHA-chevrons-pncho CHA-chevron-poncho CHA-chevrons
Drawstring Slouch Hat*
Knit Zig Zag Dress
Ripple Afghan
Crochet Greenpoint Grunge Cap
Lace Edged Poncho
Crochet Sunset Stripe Hat
Radiant Ripple Poncho
Crochet Zigzag Hat
Chevron Afghan
Color Paneled Coat cha-colorwork(poetic) cha-colorwork(slipstitchpom) cha-colorwork(shadecolors)
Knit Stained Glass Sweater Poetic Colorwork Pullover
Knit Bobble Beret
Knit Slip Stitch Pom Hat with
Knit Slip Stitch Pom Scarf
Knit Shaded Colors Afghan
Knit Ski Lodge Cap
  • Belinda Thompson

    School out for the summer and I'm trying to fine something to keep me busy

  • bpaine

    thanks for the show - love the new stuff! looking forward to feeling that new yarn and to looing at the new patterns - that mosaic pattern coat is gorgeous!

  • Crochet Kate

    There are two items in the "lace" section of the fashion show that I loved. One was the shawl in Amazing that came into a V on the back, and the other was a little triangle shawl in Unique. Can anyone help me finding the names of these two patterns? They were beautiful!!! Kate

  • angela1a

    This show was the bomb, fabulous fashion and looks like maybe it was under rated: as the audience appeared to be a group of disenchanted oofs.

  • Lynda in Oregon

    Hideous, ugly, and totally unappealing. Ugh, ugh, ugh!

  • Wandalea

    I love the cabled Coatigan with pockets, the next very thick cabled afghan, the Fan Lace Tunic, the Hexagon Granny afghan, the Granny Motif Coatigan in Unique, & the Ethnic coat. Thanks!

  • Suzi Wolfe

    In the "Colorwork" section there was a coat (or coatigan) in a "Folk" motif with a center panel in pink tones. Could you please mention the name of the pattern? Thanks so much!

  • Donna Lemmons

    Have all of the patterns been posted? Are they grouped together? (That would be nice!) If so, where can I find them? Loved the show!

  • Diane

    Wow! I don't know how I missed this, but I'm glad I stumbled upon it today. Beautiful and inspiring.