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Lion Brand Yarns Spotted at Fashion Institute of Technology’s 2013 Fashion Show

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Lion Brand Yarns Spotted at Fashion Institute of Technology’s 2013 Fashion Show

Every year, the Fashion Institute of Technology’s (FIT) graduating seniors attaining a bachelor of arts in fashion design collaborate to present handmade collections for a professional runway show in New York City.  Lion Brand has provided yarn for the knitwear design students over the years and is always proud to be part of such an inspiring and creative event.  Lion Brand has been a long time supporter of FIT, and in 2009, a seminar room specifically designated for knitting, crocheting and jewelry making was dedicated to the late Isidor Blumenthal, Lion Brand’s 3rd generation President and CEO.

This year, I was able to attend FIT’s “The Future of Fashion: 2013 Graduates Collection“, and I was amazed by the designs that came down the runway made by students who will someday be fashion designers.  It was so interesting to see how yarn used to make everyday garments and accessories can create high-fashion and out-of-the box designs.  The specializations in the show included sportswear, special occasion, knitwear, intimate apparel, and children’s wear.  Below, you’ll find some images from the seniors who worked on the knitwear collection.

FIT garment
Designed by: Heidi Bischoff
Grey dip-dyed dress with thick & thin hand weaving detail
LB Collection Silk Mohair was used in parts of dress.

FIT garment2
Designed by: Danielle Ridarick
Black & Blue Hand Knit Sculptural Dress
Martha Stewart CraftsTM/MC Mambo


FIT garment5
Designed by: Jongsuk Park
Off-white chunky cotton cord hand-knit jacket, harem pant
Lion Cotton 1 Pound Cone used in head cover

FIT garment3
Designed by: Nora Abdelwahed
Grey dip-dyed cotton cropped tank,
striped skirt with weaving detail
LB Collection Silk Mohair used in skirt
Wool-Ease used in top

Have you seen any interesting knitwear in fashion lately? Share with us in the comments!

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  • OH MY! I just viewed the fashion? show. The designers actually earned a degree? Call me a cranky, opinionated, old grandmother but I hope what I saw was, as my son called it, a one off. Meaning the designs are to show off the designers creativity & are NOT meant for sale to the general public. Let’s hope this degree has prepared them for the real world & remember that not all of us are leggy, 20-something models or have an unlimited amount of money to spend on whatever new fangled fashion comes down the pike.

  • LOL… the knit armor (made from the Lion Cotton 1 Pound Cone) is especially ridiculous-looking.

  • Ugly “fashions.” What designer in their right mind would design a garment that makes a stick-figure model look fat? The black and blue knit dress is ludicrous. It makes the model look like she’s wearing saddlebags.
    The grey dress looks like tree bark from a white birch tree, not flattering on the model at all.
    The offwhite “whatever” defies description.
    The only garment that is reasonably attractive is the grey tank top, and that’s not exactly a unique design.

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