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Around the Office: Lion Brand Yarn Displays

yarn display

One hobby I enjoy is curating my collection of yarn-themed memorabilia. I use some of it to brighten up my office here at Lion Brand. Another thing we use to decorate our corporate headquarters is yarn. We have come up with many different ways to display our yarn. One of my favorite displays is this antique piece of furniture that dates back over one hundred years. The neutral wood makes for the perfect backdrop to our brightly colored yarns.

Lion Brand Office Displays

What is your favorite way to display your Lion Brand yarn?

  • Rachel Shiver

    I love it. Especially the chair. How is it done?

  • spida1023

    I'll take all of them, or any of them. Yarn included? :) :) The barrister's cabinet would work best for me. Same date range as my house, and it would keep dust and floating cat hair off the yarn.