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Lion Brand Visits the Danbury Crochet Club

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the Danbury Crochet Club in Danbury Connecticut. What intrigued me about this wonderful group of women was their latest project called the “Butterfly Project”. The main goal of this project is to create 1.5 million butterflies in remembrance of each child that perish in the Holocaust; each of these butterflies will be displayed in the Holocaust Museum in Houston, TX. I think this it is such a beautiful way of honoring those children who lost their lives in such a horribly tragic way. Over 400,000 butterflies have already been completed by this group.

Even though this group was small in size their passion for Lion Brand Yarn was larger than life. It is always exciting to see such adoring Lion Brand Yarn fans, one woman was wearing one of Lion Brand Style American Gothic Art tee shirts from yesteryear and another brought her ultimate Lion Brand tote bag. Their enthusiasm brought forth tons of insightful questions and fantastic suggestions. I wish them the best of luck on their current project and hope to meet with them again in the future!

Have a group of 50 or more in the tri-state area? E-mail to arrange for Jack to come speak to your guild or yarncrafting group!

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