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Lion Brand Offices, Lion Brand Yarn Studio, and Lion Brand Yarn Outlet Currently Closed

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Lion Brand Offices, Lion Brand Yarn Studio, and Lion Brand Yarn Outlet Currently Closed

Over the last few days, we’ve heard from many of our wonderful customers on social media checking in to see how our staff is doing, so I just wanted to log on from my home in Brooklyn to personally thank you all for thinking of us.

Because of Hurricane Sandy, Lion Brand offices in both New York and New Jersey are currently without power and closed. In addition, many of our staff’s homes are currently without power.

For those of you waiting for orders from, we ask for your patience during this period. From what I understand from news reports, the towns where our NJ offices and warehouses were particularly hard-hit by storm flooding.

In NYC, Patty, the director of the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, tells me that if we get power returned (as we’ve heard should happen) on Saturday, our NYC store & education will open for business on Sunday. Please check the Studio’s website and/or call on Sunday to see if we’re open. We will also be in touch if you booked any classes at the Studio for this past week and/or Sunday to help you with rescheduling/rebooking.

As a New Jersey/New York-based company, this storm has affected us quite personally. For me, growing up in New Jersey and visiting the Jersey Shore have contributed many happy memories to my childhood, and living in NYC for my entire adult life, I have many friends living in affected areas. This weekend, I’m planning on volunteering here in NYC, and I hope that if you can, you’ll consider donating food, supplies, time, and/or money to help those who’ve been affected by the storm.

Thanks again for all of your good thoughts, and we’ll keep you posted as things progress.

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  • Sending thoughts and prayers to everyone struggling from the storm damage….

  • I also send thoughts and prayers. Take care, do. I cannot imagine what people have been going through. Best to you.

  • Thoughts and prayers are with all of y’all, now and in the months ahead as y’all continue to rebuild your lives and become whole again. As we were here in NOLA atter Katrina, y’all will be amazed by the kindness of strangers in how it lifts your spirits and helps rebuilds your community. I am patiently waiting on a order, have “a few” skeins of yarn on my Christmas wish list, and I have donated to the Red Cross for your relief effort. Hang in there–it truly does get better from here. /emg

  • quick question. I wanted to know how could I donate stash yarn and supplies to knitters who lost their knitting stuff along with the rest of their belongings. There are lots of calls for the usual req to donate items ,etc. I also felt heartbreak for people who had projects going or were working on holiday gifts. yarn and everything yarn related is not cheap, I thought it would make someone happy just a little to receive some nice stash yarn at a time when things are tight , having to figure out how to stay warm or what to eat superceed a pretty skein for a scarf. For me knitting is relaxing and I thought it could brighten someone’s day to be gifted some stash yarn. If you know how this could be done please let me know. I have tried posting on ravelry and while people like the idea no one knows where to start.

    • Hi Jackie, perhaps you want to reach out to the New York and New Jersey knit and crochet guilds on Ravelry and see if they have any members who may have lost their belongings in the storm. I think that would be a good place to start. Hope that helps.

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