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The Lion Brand Community Gallery: Show Us What You've Got!

community gallery

 The Lion Brand Community Gallery


Are you working on a project using Lion Brand Yarn? Do you love it and want to show it off to your fellow Lion Bran Yarn lovers? If you answered yes then you might want to consider tagging your photos on Social Media with #LionBrandYarn to see them up in the community gallery!


Be Inspired

The community gallery is also a great source of inspiration. Check back and scroll through often to see what your fellow crafters are creating.

Tips For Community Gallery Photos

The Community Gallery is built to accept square images only. Your photo might be the winner of the most gorgeous and inspiring knitting (or crochet) photo of the year, however, if it is not square it will not fit the dimensions programmed into the LB community gallery.

Please note that there is a delay once your photo is tagged or uploaded and when you may see it in the gallery. Depending on traffic it can take several days for the queue to update.


Show your stuff!

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