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Let's knit a Glamour Jacket ... announcing your 2015 Spring Knit-Along with host Kristy Glass!

KAL_BADGE_2014 Each season we host a crochet- or knit-along, a virtual event in which knitters and crocheters come together here online to work on one pattern together, share their experiences, and to learn together. There’s no need to sign up! Simply follow along with the blog posts at your own pace as you knit your project, and feel free to share your comments and/or photos as you progress.

Get Your Kit!

We asked you to vote on what knit project you’d like to make, and you picked our Glamour Jacket! Over 5,000 of you voted, and we're so excited to knit-along with you. Click here to download the pattern for the Glamour Jacket and see below for kits in four color options - all 20% off for a limited time!

  1. Grey Stone / Moonstone (as seen in photo)
  2. Garnet / Moonstone
  3. Lapis / Moonstone
  4. Jewel / Rhinestone Pink - This is the very pink kit that Kristy Glass, your KAL leader, is making!

To get this knit-along going, this week is about gathering your materials so that we can jump right in the week of April 6th. This lovely jacket is made in our Vanna's Glamour, a versatile, easy-care, acrylic and metallic polyester sport-weight yarn. It's also lightweight to give all your projects elegance and drape.

Starting the week of April 6th, our KAL host Kristy Glass will post her progress through the Glamour Jacket project, with updates coming every Tuesday. You'll know it's a dedicated KAL blog post when you see our special badge in the upper right-hand corner of the post. Don't forget to join our Ravelry group for this KAL as well!

In the meantime, meet Kristy through her video introduction below and please introduce yourself in the comments too! Let us know who you are, where you’re from, and who you’re making this top for!

:: can't see the video above? click here: https://youtu.be/6xtZihaKKiY ::

I am Kristy Glass and I am so thrilled to be infiltrating the Lion Brand blog to lead you in the 2015 Spring Knit Along! Even though I learned to knit as a girl, my passion for fiber arts has escalated at a very steep rate these past several years.

I returned to knitting and began crocheting about 8 years ago after I suffered an unexpected health setback leaving me feeling completely out of control. Hand work was a healing salve for my body and soul as I suffered through a long healing process. Thankfully I continue to use knitting to aid meditation, solace and a feeling of accomplishment. I knit year round, despite weather changes, and I am highly anticipating us all knitting together on this project.

I have completed over 100 projects including scarves, cowls, hats, hand warmers, phone cozies, afghans, pillows, sweaters and yarn bombing. My most recent passion has been making sweaters and actually wearing what I make!

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  • flutegal

    I wish the links above showed a picture of the color combinations.

  • Aura

    Oh my god, you're so cheerful and sweet it's impossible not to smile watching your videos! :D
    Those colors look very pretty! Personally, I'm more of a neutral girl (except for blue, any and all shades of blue can come home with me<3) so I would have picked another combo, possibly with lapis or sapphire, or garnet wich also looked very pretty. I also love the back! (very sleek and mermaid-ish IMHO). Oh, and your hat looked so cute!
    Sadly, right now I'm so busy I can't even consider joining this KAL (I'll have to settle for a couple rows of my almost abandoned sock once or twice a week), but I'll read along and see how it all goes (and learn all I can for when I finally have the time to knit this). I'm looking forward for all the tips and tricks you'll share with us, and for all the finished jackets!
    Cheers from Spain to all participants in the KAL! :)

  • Glenda

    I like this pattern and it can be made in larger sizes. So many patterns only have small sizes. I haven't done a KAL before and am going to join in on this one. I have decided to use Lapis (A) and Grey Stone (B). I ordered the yarn yesterday and it shipped yesterday. It should be here with plenty of time to spare. I joined the Ravelry group for this KAL yesterday too. My first Ravelry group. Hopefully I can keep up. I don't do gauge swatches but I suppose it would be best to do one for this jacket.

  • Gerri Tredway

    We have retired to Mexico. The priest who offers the service in English for ex-pats encourages us to wear items in the color of the vestments when we participate as readers. I'd like to make this jacket to use during Advent and Lent, so I'm looking for purples. I see a light purple in the choices but, at least with the representation on a computer screen, I don't see a dark purple. What would you suggest as a combo? I could order a kit to be sent to an address in the States as we will be visiting there next week.

  • Carol Penrosa

    I purchased my yarn here in town but am short one ball of the main color. Have a couple of more places to look for it. I have chosen platinum (my main color) and sapphire. Have finished my gauge swatch. Excited about this! Generally give away what I make but plan to keep this for myself

  • Beth S

    What a beautiful sweater! I'm sort of a novice and am wondering what level of skill this would take.

  • Karen

    I'm not a fan of synthetic fibers. Is there a Lion Brand natural fiber yarn that would be a good substitute?

  • Nolanacleta

    I can't decide whether I want the neutral colors ... or just take a walk on the wild side with Kristy's pink idea ... decisions decisions decisions! None of my LYS have the VW glamour colors I want

  • Nolanacleta

    My LYS did not have a good selection of VW glamour yarn ... so i went with Onyx and Topaz ... this will be awesome for Tailgating as the two look black and gold, New Orleans Saints colors!!

  • Glenda

    Hurray!! My yarn just arrived for the KAL. The colors are Lapis and Grey Stone, They're actually a little darker than they look in the picture. Now, get my size 9 needles out and I'm set to go!!

  • Jill

    I know this is off the subject but, I WISH the Granny Pullover Kristy was wearing during the Intro KAL video would have been one of the choices. It is so cute! I would have loved to have a KAL with this pattern. I am a crocheter but would love to learn how to knit a sweater.

  • Evelyn

    my color choice is onyx and platinum , I'm making the coat for my Granddaughter, so this is going to be fun

  • Krystal

    I'm trying to decide which size to make. I think there is an error on the kits page. Size 1X is listed as having a finished bust size of 56 inches, and size 2X is listed as having a finished bust size of 51 inches. Are these just switched? Thanks!

  • Lynne

    Will there be an alternate back offered? (I'm sorry -- it's not my favorite either.). :-)

  • angela1a

    well, you are doing a beautiful job, I love the colors in your sweater too. I have the bug BAD, baskets of yarn surround me, I go from one project happily to the next. LIONBRAND is a constant source of inspiration and they have really upped their game.

  • Olimpia Bowdre

    I picked the Saphire and moonstone. It's been years since I have knitted something like this. I am not sure how I will do

  • AnnNadine

    Has anyone thought about the beautiful lavender color with platinum?

  • AnnNadine

    It's called purple topaz

  • AnnNadine

    My local Michael's was out of greystone, so I only saw purple topaz and platinum together. In your opinion which would look better? Purple topaz with greystone or platinum?

  • AnnNadine

    Ann, when I get my yarn how do I join the KAL?

  • Olimpia Bowdre

    I was not sure I could do it. But you are right I just finished the collar and it is beautiful. Can't wait to start the next part. thanks for your encouragement

  • Olimpia Bowdre

    I am so glad I started this project. I thought I would not be able to do it but I am halfway through the upper body. I chose the Saphire and moonstone and I decided to do the upper part in the Saphire only. The collar and the sides are in the two tone. It makes a great contrast. I am super happy with it. I love the pink you chose and bought some of that to do a scarf.