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Lessons Learned From Crafting - A New Animated Series!

We asked our customers on Facebook what lessons they've learned from crafting over the years. I was so inspired by the responses we got that I created an animated series! Share your story and you might get animated!

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  • Su

    A dear friend (who can knit those intricate Norwegian sweaters with her eyes closed) has always told me that it's okay to make mistakes when knitting or crocheting. That's how people will know it was made by a human, and not a machine!

  • CatherineMcClarey

    I've heard that traditionally Persian rugs always include 1 intentionally-made mistake, "because only God is perfect." (Each mistake after that counts as a "design element" - as long as it doesn't make the FO so unusable that it's time to rip it back and start over!)

  • Sheri

    Betsy is darling. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her. xo

  • DDH

    If I never made a mistake, I would think I wasn't pushing myself to try more. Plus it's always so nice when I finally get it right.

  • Docs friend

    I was taught to correct my mistakes or that would be the only part of the piece I would notice. For me, I think that is true.

  • Sherry

    RE: Susan McCord/Steve Macolm interview--She acted obnoxiously silly. Obviously she's never been to the South. Is there supposed to be something silly about men knitting. What about Fishermen's knit? There are male knit/crochet designers. We see more women than men knitting/crocheting than women but seeing a man knit does not draw attention. It's just another person who enjoys it.

  • Sherry

    Look up George Washington Carver. Yes, the peanut man. He crocheted & other needlework.

  • Lynette

    I remember a very important lesson on checking gauge and your tension... I ended up knitting a sweater that had a very short torso and long arms... and the only person it would it would be an orangutan.

  • Barb


  • mayceegreene

    Adorable and yarn's ability to be a forgiving medium is why I love it so much.

    Maycee (<a href="" rel="nofollow">Limo in Seattle</a>)

  • Nadia Santos

    Great video. My son also watches this and learned a lot. He likes making hats now.

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