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Learn to Knit (Or Teach Others)

Videos are a great way to learn how to knit or brush up on your skills. If you’re already comfortable with these basic skills, videos are an easy way to help teach others the fundamentals of knitting, even if they live far away from you! We’ve created four short videos to help you cast on, knit, purl, and cast off. If you prefer written directions, visit our Learn to Knit page for detailed instructions.

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  • Jan

    I crochet. I’ve never been a big knitter, so when I feel the urge, I’m lost because I can’t remember how to cast on properly. Thanks for the vids!


  • Lynne

    how about a video that shows continental style knitting (throwing with the left hand)

  • pat

    I am trying to learn to knit and your cast on is the simplest I’ve seen. I do more crochet than knit so I forget how to cast on. I did manage to complete a homespun shawl in candy apple red and it is lovely and soft. It is a gift for someone very special-my daughter in law.

  • karis

    i am trying to knit the “rectangle vest” on this site and i do not kno how to shape the arm holes. can someone please help me, possibly a video will help the most.

    Zontee says: Hi Karis, please note that comments left on the blog should relate specifically to the articles on which they are written. In the future, for questions about patterns, products, and techniques, e-mail our Customer Service team at, as they will be able to give you personal help with the pattern.

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