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Learn to Knit: Lesson 1

Has the question of needing a new hobby crossed your mind? When you walk into your favorite craft store and walked down the yarn isle and wondered how you could create something amazing with all of the colorful options in front of you? If you have answered yes, knitting might be the perfect thing for you!

As a follow up to our Learn to Crochet series, I am very excited to announce our newest series, Learn to Knit.  In this series, we will be going over all of the basics that will get you through any pattern.

Throughout the series, you will be learning how to choose your needles, the types of yarn to use,  how to cast on, garter stitch, purl, how to increase and decrease, knitting in the round, how to add interest to your project, and how to bind off.

First up, gather your supplies!

Vanna's Choice


Two of our favorite yarns for beginners are Vanna’s Choice, and Wool-Ease.  Here’s why:

Texture: All of these yarns have an amazing smooth texture which makes it very easy to see your stitches.

Color: Starting with a color that you love makes the whole project worthwhile.  With these three yarns combined, there are 98 shades, so we know you will find one that will inspire you.  Quick tip, solids and lighter colors will make it easier for you to see your stitches.

Thickness: These two yarns are worsted weight, which means that they are a medium thickness.  These will work up quickly without being bulky.

Easy Care: The easy machine wash and dry care of these yarns insures that your project will always look brand new.


When you decide on the yarn that you want to use to start your first project, there will be a recommended needle size on the label.  For Vanna’s Choice, it is recommended to use a size number 9 (5.5 mm) needle, for Wool-Ease, it is recommended to use a size number 8 (5 mm) needle.  You can find a variety of needles here.

Tote Bag

Of course a cute little tote bag is the perfect way to carry your project around with you so you can work on it everywhere.

It’s an amazing idea to keep your first project.  It’s a wonderful accomplishment, but when you look back at it, it’s a nice reminder of how far you have come.  Once you’ve learned the basics, you will have so much fun exploring new textures and colors of yarn with more confidence! These yarns aren’t just for beginners; they are classics that are perfect for many projects.

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