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Learn to Knit a Raglan Cardigan with an Easy Tutorial by Staci from Very Pink Knits

Today, we're very excited to share a garment knitting tutorial with you. With the temperatures steadily dropping, it's the perfect time to start knitting... sweaters!

Staci from the YouTube Channel Very Pink Knits is a great instructor who makes knitting a garment look like a breeze. Check out the tutorial below as she explains and shows you how to make Lion Brand's Cropped Raglan Cardigan pattern in Wool-Ease®. After viewing the tutorial, many of you who've previously shied away from garment knitting may feel quite confident about giving this one a try.

Tell us what you think about the tutorial in the comments, we hope you're inspired!

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  • http://www.iamdwj.com/ DWJ

    Very Pink Knits is my go to for knitting tutorials! I looooove her videos. They've helped me progress so much!

  • slowknitter

    WOW!! I am more than inspired. Thank you, thank you Staci and Lion Brand. I am going to get me some Wool Ease. :)

  • Susie

    Very good tutorial! Thanks

  • Dianna Perry

    very good tutorial. I am a visual learner so it was great watching while listening. Staci makes it look so easy.

  • yvette

    Staci - your tutorial is very good and gives me the confidence to try knitting an adult sweater because I am a crocheter. I only have one question. I need the sleeve to be longer and wider as I have bigger arms. Do I knit the sleeve flat going back and forth with pearl on wrong side and using regular needles. As far as increasing, can I use kfnb for increasing the width?

  • yvette

    I forgot to add that I too am a visual person. I have to see what someone is making right in front of me and these tutorials and videos are the best thing.

  • Diane

    I watched it and I bought some yarn and I made it! I love it! Staci has the BEST tutorials