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Learn How to Knit a Yarn Over (YO) with New Stitch A Day

We're excited to announce a new partnership with New Stitch A Day! We'll be featuring helpful educational content to help you improve your knitting or crochet skills. As you may know, here at Lion Brand, we place a high value on education and learning, so working with Johnny Vasquez aka "Head Honcho", of NSAD is the perfect collaboration!

According Johnny, the goal and purpose of New Stitch A Day is to produce high-quality, easy to understand video tutorials that will help advance your knit or crochet skills. There's a wealth of information available at New Stitch A Day such as stitch tutorials, finishing techniques, and even left handed tutorials - plus, lots more.

Today we're featuring a video tutorial which demonstrates how to do a knit "yarn over (yo)". Yarn overs pop up quite frequently in patterns, especially for lace; they create the necessary holes for your openwork. Check out the video below to learn how to yarn over, and click here to learn the lefty method for knitting the yarn over!

Yarn used in video: Lion's Pride® Woolspun®

Can't see the video above? Click here: https://youtu.be/ZMQSp9foHvg

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  • Norma Byrd

    Congratulations on partnering with Johnny Vasquez! I've used NSAD so frequently I couldn't count, and saved dozens of the daily tutorials. His directions are clear, videos so easy to follow, and every tip is useful to beginners as well as experienced knitters. (I'm somewhere in between.) Best wishes to everybody!

  • Diane

    This guys teaching skills rock! I love when a teacher can make it simple and clear without talking down to you. I just know I'm going to enjoy watching more of his videos.