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Learn How to Crochet This Adorable "Kisses Pouch" with Tamara from Moogly!

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Today, I'm happy to share a new pattern and video tutorial with you, which comes from a popular blog you might be familiar with, Moogly!


The Kisses Pouch made with Bonbons, is a wonderful portable project to work on during the summer. The great thing about this pattern is that it features a lot of stitch repeats, so once you get the hang of it, it's quite easy to work through. Make one for yourself to hold change or knick-knacks, or make one for the little girl in your life. Go ahead and give this pattern a try, Tamara's tutorial is extremely helpful and will guide you along the way, view the video below.


If you enjoyed Tamara's tutorial,visit her YouTube channel: Moogly!
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  • CrochetBlogger

    Thrilled to see Tamara of Moogly on the Lion Brand blog!

  • Tricia

    Is there a written pattern for this?

  • Yvonne

    Very interesting! But I am wondering what the 'foot' stitch is that i heard mentioned?

  • Crochetdreams

    Can't understand voice to text captioning. Voice recognition captioning has not been perfected yet and probably never will. Example: single crochet Africa. Duh?! Is it possible for someone to type in captions? Thank you!