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Learn Half Double Crochet with Moogly!

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Learn Half Double Crochet with Moogly!

After you’ve mastered the chain and single crochet, it’s time to add more stitches to your journey – and the half double crochet is a great stitch to learn next! It is abbreviated as hdc, and it adds just one more step to the single crochet you already know and love. In fact, it’s the favorite stitch of many crocheters for the solid yet drapey fabric it can produce! Here’s how it’s done – and a few fabulous free patterns you can make using it!



Just one yarn over, before you insert your hook, and voila – a half double crochet! But then… what can you make? All 10 of these gorgeous free patterns feature the hdc stitch!

1. Wedding Favor Sachet Pattern

Perfect for tucking into drawers to keep them smelling sweet, for wedding favors… or how about for storing ear buds without getting them tangled? Pattern by Lion Brand Yarn.

2. Half Double Crochet Two-Ball Scarf

One of the world’s favorite ways to learn a new stitch – make a scarf! Pattern by Lion Brand yarn.

3. Crochet Ice Cream Coozie

It seems silly… until your hands are freezing! And such a great reward for your efforts in the end, yum! Pattern by Sewrella.

4. Favorite Gift Bag

So much nicer than a disposable paper bag – but just as easy to “wrap” the gifts! Pattern by Moogly.

5. Short and Sweet Child’s Cardigan

A great first garment and imagine the smiles! Pattern by Lion Brand Yarn.

6. Triple Luxe Cowl

This pattern adds a great twist to the hdc stitch for a look you’ll love! Pattern by All About Ami.

7. Crochet Desk Mat

Freshen up your desk with crochet and felt – this would make such a great gift too! Pattern by Sewrella.

8. Simplicity Bun Hat

Hat season is coming, and the messy bun shows no signs of disappearing! Pattern by Crafty Coalition.

9. Everyday Crossbody Bag

Because you do have to leave the house once in a while to buy more yarn! Pattern by Moogly.

10. Cascade Cardigan (All About Ami)

Time to crochet something you’ll love to wear all winter!

So give the half double crochet stitch a try – and open up a world of possibilities!

This article was written by Moogly for the Lion Brand Notebook.

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