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Getting to Know LB Collection Cotton Bamboo

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Getting to Know LB Collection Cotton Bamboo

LB Collection Cotton Bamboo yarn wants to know what you’ll be working on for the warmer weather, because it’s ready and waiting to become your next Springtime WIP*.
*Speak the lingo: WIP = Work In Progress

This yarn is a 10-ply DK weight (CYC #3). It has a fantastic drape, a smooth twist, and gentle shine. It’s strong, but don’t interpret that as rough or rope-like. It feels good in your hands. Because it is a cellulose based yarn it does not have a natural elasticity (as wool would). When used as ribbing it will pull in, but will not have the same snug feel as ribbing in a wool yarn. Cotton Bamboo can shine in many projects, but items like hats, mittens and gloves, legwarmers, or anything that needs an elastic edge would be better suited to another yarn.

Pattern Inspiration

Spring and Summer garments are an obvious choice for Cotton Bamboo yarn. They will be lightweight and breathable. The washability of the yarn also makes it perfect for warm weather wear. Like baby items (all year-round), adult garments need more washing in the Spring and Summer. Think about it, we tend to go outdoors more and get dirtier. And when we come home from that picnic, being able to toss your knits in the washer saves energy and probably means the garment gets washed faster and worn more frequently.

Cotton Bamboo doesn’t need to be reserved for garments, however. Its smooth nice drape and very subtle sheen making it attractive for shawls and wraps as well.

Knit with Cotton Bamboo Yarn

Tiger Lily Tank | Spring Essential Top | Graduated Eyelet Scarf

Crochet with Cotton Bamboo Yarn

Lace Petal Shawl | Serene Shell | Pinstripe Bandana

Word on the Street

Over on, LB Collection Cotton Bamboo yarn has an overall rating of 4.2 (out of 5) stars. From the comments you can see that people are loving the softness, drape, and stitch definition. There’s also some discussion about splitting. It isn’t a loosely plied yarn. However, it does have 10 plies giving you many opportunities to have your needles get stuck. With the right needle this need not be an issue. Just because you love your super sharp needles for one yarn/project doesn’t mean they’re the perfect match for every yarn you will come in contact with. If your yarn is splitting then try a more rounded needle or different needle material to maximize the enjoyment of this beautiful yarn.

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