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Kristy Glass Re-Imagines the Crochet Wedding Capelet for Parties, Festivals & Other Casual Affairs

kristy_wedding_capeletOur friend Kristy Glass, leader of the Glass Posse, spotted one of our newest and most popular crochet patterns -- the Wedding Capelet -- and saw it could be something more than a formal garment. Made with Vanna's Glamour®, Kristy chose to use the Copper colorway for her version of the Wedding Capelet ... let's let her share her inspiration - take it away Kristy!


Can't see the video above? Click here: https://youtu.be/f2xhFLh_wkQ

Get the pattern: http://lby.co/1MJ3Wvr
Get the yarn: http://lby.co/1INwRxT

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  • Glenda

    Hi Kristy, I had the same thought when I saw this pattern. It didn't have to be for only a wedding. I like your idea of adding buttons to the center of the motifs. This capelet would be great to wear on a cool evening.

  • Elaine

    I made this for my niece's wedding and it didn't turn out at all like the picture. Between the motifs in the pattern it says to join by sewing wherever they touch, but in the picture, between the motifs it looks like there is more crocheting or some fancy stitch to fill in the gaps.
    I followed the pattern exactly as it said and my outside border came out ruffled (after I had ironed/steamed the motifs down), not flat like in the picture.