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Knitting the News Into a Sweater!

News Knitter takes information that is collected from daily political news in any 24 hour period and turns it into a sweater by sending the data to a computerized knitting machine. The project uses knitting to help visualize large amounts of information.

  • knittyo11

    That's really cool.

  • Mary Jo

    I don't quite know what to say! Wish I could see the sweater better and wish I knew more about why this is happening!


    <em>Zontee says: Hi Mary Jo, if you click on the link in Ilana's post (the orange words), it will take you to the NewsKnitter website, which explains the project and has larger pictures. Hope that helps.</em>

  • http://restlessgrace.blogspot.com Grace

    I don't understand how the ones without words are actually communicating or helping to visuallize any information, but I love the idea of the sweater news project. The sweaters are very graphic and cool.

  • GlobalSYS

    Interesting choice using the daily news. Even more unique would be knitting the Star & Planetary positions / Astrological birth chart of the wearer into a sweater? Any Takers?

  • Beth K

    This is very cool. But I wish I could have read about this 6 months ago, when they were in Boston.