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Knitting Meets Hockey at Pittsburgh Penguins Games

Recently, a knitter has been making news by enjoying her favorite craft during the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey games. This is actually not the first time sports and knitting have made news together. You may remember the woman who was “caught” knitting during Wimbledon and how the twitterverse divided on the issue. It is a shame that other fans are getting so upset at these crafters.

As our blog readers know, knitting is relaxing and depending on the project, does not require much focus. Knitters typically multitask when making simple projects. I salute these women using their craft to keep their nerves in check during such high-stakes sporting events. Let’s just all try to remember just because someone is knitting, it does not mean they are bored. It could be just the opposite!

Read an interview with Michelle on CBS sports!

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