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  • Building Community Through Crafting

    April is National Stress Awareness Month and in keeping with this, the Craft Yarn Council (CYC) is running the “Stitch Away Stress” campaign. They have broken the month down into 4 themes: Mind, Body, Spirit; Exercising the Mind; Community; and Inspirations Ability to Heal.

    This week the focus is community and how knitting and crocheting builds relationships. These communities might be in the online world through Ravelry, Facebook, or other social media or out in the physical world at guilds or informal gatherings. Whatever your style and opportunity to connect, it is no secret that crafters create strong bonds.

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  • Shira's Guild Visits!

    Hello Out There!!!

    One of the many things I get to do as a Brand Ambassador for Lion Brand Yarn is travel around the country and I to talk different knit and crochet groups or guilds.  Since I started my position as Brand Ambassador I have been to many groups, but the biggest guild I have spoken to was in Madison, WI -- a knitting guild made up of over 300+ knitters!  (Fun Fact: it’s really cold in Madison, WI in February!)

    washington guild 4
    My Goal

    When I talk to a group there are a three main things I talk about .

    1. Lion Brand Yarn is not as big as you think! Sometimes people don’t realize that our company is just under 100 people.  I convey the message, I love being able to see people’s faces sometimes it’s like their minds are being blown! t
    1. We are also a family business.  Family business are rare these days especially one that is in its 5th generation (me being a part of the 5th).
    1. I get a chance to let the knitters and crocheters feel and neck test all day long ;)  I bring new colors of yarns and new yarns for people to put their hands on and really get the chance to see what it feels like for themselves!  I also bring knit and crocheted garments with me out of the corresponding yarns so they can see how they work up!

    washington guild 3
    Feeling #Lucky

    I feel honored to be able to talk to these crafters.  They are so talented to be able to see what they do with Lion Brand is amazing.  Some are avid users of Lion Brand and some, well, some admit to me “I didn’t know you had such beautiful yarns until you came!  I can’t wait to buy Lion Brand now!”

    That’s my end all goal.  I am there to inspire!  I am there get people excited about knitting and crocheting with Lion Brand Yarn!

    These are some photos that I love from some of Guild adventures!

    If you are interested in having me come visit your guild please email me at Shiraroars@lionbrand.com.  Please note, a minimum attendance of 70 people must be present for me to visit.


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  • Grab Your Knits and Head Out for World Wide Knit in Public Day!


    Too often, knitting and crocheting is seen as antiquated or "old school." As a millenial-aged knitter, I know this simply isn't true. I learned to knit because I love crafting, and knitting
    was a family tradition I'd always observed, but never participated in. Once I started knitting (almost a year and a half ago now), I couldn't believe I hadn't started sooner.

    I've knit on crowded subway cars, in the park, and in work breakrooms. In fact, when I knit on my lunch-break at my old job, I got several other co-workers hooked! Soon, we had a couple of round looms being passed around so everyone had a turn making hats for the winter.

    What I've found with knitting public is that it opens up a dialogue. People feel compelled to tell you about the knitters and crocheters in their family and the gifts they've received. They ask what you're making, how long it takes you, what have you made previously... The list goes on! If you take your knitting out of the house, I'm sure you're familiar.

    Knitting can be a social hobby, which is what makes World Wide Knit in Public Day so special! It's a day to celebrate your passion, join up with fellow crafters, and share your projects in progress. This year's WWKIP day is June 13th. Guilds all over the world are posting their meet-up spots to celebrate the occasion; chances are, there's one in your area!

    Even if every day is "Knit in Public" day for you, it's fun to acknowledge a shared interest. Use hashtag #wwkip on social networks to keep up with other knitters, and post your own pics!

    Where will you take your knitting to on June 13th? Where's your favorite place to knit (in public or not)? Share with us!


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