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Knitting Everything In Sight

I always love to see how knitting is used in pop-culture. In this Yoplait commercial a woman knits everything—from the sweater and hat she’s wearing to a basketball jersey and sweat bands—all in order to keep her mind off of her diet. Of course, knitters and crocheters have always known that you can make practically anything out of yarn. Want proof? Look at my post about Stitch N’ Pitch at Shea Stadium to see a picture of designer Lily Chin in her entirely knit and crocheted Mets uniform!

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  • Hahaha! Yes yes – I saw that commerical too. Funny stuff. If only knitting could actually curtail naughty eating habits. Can you imagine it – “Surgeon General Warning: Knit only in moderation as it may cause weight loss.” Move over Phentermine; there’s a new kid on the block!! LOL!

  • I Love learning to Knit Baby items for Charity NICU’S. Otherwise I attempt family projects and have crocheted for naby years, economically raised 5 children, while dressing them with a few homemade items. In a slowing economy it makes good sense to unravel and old styled sweater, and redesign it in a new pattern of current style.
    Lion Brand patterns have been a cherished source for color combinations and yarns in our stores locally to allow me to make some of my charity items. Thanks Lion Brand for your ongoing encouragement.

    Hugs Jean

  • Cute commercial! Only thing is I have several friends that use M & M’s as a way of keeping track of the rows they have knit. They set out the number of candies that corresponds to the number of rows and as they finish a row, they eat the candy. Definitely not a weight loss strategy!

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