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Knitting and Crocheting at the Movies: Patterns Inspired by Almost Famous

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Knitting and Crocheting at the Movies: Patterns Inspired by Almost Famous

7 Patterns Inspired by Almost FamousShaggy hair, flared jeans, and classic rock — drenched in the mellow vibes of the early 1970s, Almost Famous is one of my absolute favorite films. It wasn’t until I watched it recently that I noticed I was drawn to the costumes more than ever.

Although the film follows a fifteen-year-old boy as he finds himself on tour with a rising rock band, the women of Almost Famous are perhaps the most notable — and most interesting — characters. As for their wardrobes? Simply stunning.

I’d always specifically envied the closet of Penny Lane, played by Kate Hudson. Her bohemian curls paired well with her uniform of cropped shirts and flared jeans; her suede and fur coat is one of the most iconic pieces from the film.

Capture tie_front
Kate Hudson as Penny Lane in Almost Famous Knit Tie Front Vest made with Homespun® and Fun Fur®

It wasn’t until one scene where she dons a dramatic fur cap that I noticed something…

kate_hudson_hat simple_hat
Kate Hudson as Penny Lane in Almost Famous Knit Simple Hat made with Pelt

I’d pinned this Lion Brand pattern a while back so I could make it for winter. Had I been subconsciously inspired by Penny Lane?

fairuza-balk-almost-famous soft_touch
Fairuza Balk as Sapphire in Almost Famous Knit Soft Touch Cardigan made with Romance®

This feathered bolero shrug that Sapphire wears is over the top glam, with a bright color palette. While it makes a great costume, toning it down with neutral colors makes it a more wearable option. Get the texture effect with Romance® yarn, and use it a statement piece for your next party!


5739101_f260 car_coat
Frances McDormand as Elaine Miller in Almost Famous Crochet Whiter Shade of Pale Car Coat made with Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®

Even non-rock star characters get a fantastic wardrobe. Frances McDormand’s flowery tops and housecoats clash wonderfully with her strong role as the protagonist’s harried mother — “Rock stars have kidnapped my son!” This vivid housecoat is crocheted — a very on-trend piece for the 1970s — and features beautiful bell-shaped sleeves. Our Whiter Shade of Pale Car Coat gives it an updated silhouette.

Have you ever made a garment based on a costume you’ve seen in a movie or TV show? Let us know! Below are a few of my picks for more patterns inspired by Almost Famous:

granny tapestry_panel circles_top
Crochet Granny Square Coat made with Unique Knit Tapestry Panel Coat made with Heartland® Crochet Inside Out Circles Top made with Bonbons


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    • There are three additional suggestions at the very end of the post.

  • I work for the writer of Almost Famous and I shared this marvelous post with him and in his own words he thinks this is great, myself I can’t wait to try to make several of your inspired patterns from his movie. 🙂

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