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Knitted Toys: The Slippery Slope

Writer and avid knitter Selma Moss-Ward joins us for a series of blog posts about becoming a first-time grandmother.

Many years ago, expecting my first child, I focused my knitting on baby clothes.  I saw these small projects as ideal canvases for learning complex techniques—Fair Isles, Arans, and other fancy work—and the garments I made tended to be, so to speak, labor intensive.

After my first and then second son outgrew them, the tiny sweaters, caps, and sundry garments were wrapped up and saved for The Future.  Now I’m delighted to report that a special baby will arrive in late November, when I become a first-time grandma.  The heirloom knits will go to him.

For this reason (and also because he'll live in LA, where heavy clothing isn't required), I decided to knit him something else...something unique...and something fun.  Combing through the Lion Brand pattern database, I found a trove of adorable designs for stuffed toys.

Unsurprisingly, I couldn't limit myself to just one.  My first pattern choice, though, is a real winner.  A blast to knit, it took me less than three hours from start to finish including stuffing and embroidery, and is so adorable that I must make a companion for WILLIAM the HEDGEHOG in the very near future.  (There’s enough leftover yarn for this.)

Here are some photos of the finished William, and in my next post I’ll tell you about his creation.

William the Hedgehog | Lion Brand Notebook

William the Hedgehog | Lion Brand Notebook


Selma Moss-Ward is a freelance writer who combines her love of writing and of knitting in her columns, stories, and blog posts. Selma is also an active classical musician and the caretaker of five wonderful pets. She lives with them and her husband in Rhode Island. Read a monthly fiction story by Selma in our Pattern Journal newsletter.

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  • Donna

    Beautiful! Knitting animal toys is what I'd like to do to take my knitting to the next level. :-)

  • kat

    I made some of these for Christmas gifts for my sister, one year. Were a big hit. Still have the pattern. Now I have grandchildren of my own, perhaps it's time to build some more.

  • Melissa

    One year, while unemployed, I used leftover yarn from other projects to make a fish and a hawk for 2 nephews. The best gifts can cost nothing but time!

  • Janet

    I too am a first time Grandma and have been knitting booties and knitting and crocheting blankets for my new little one. Maybe it's time I think about some toys as well.

  • Carole

    Having 3 grandsons now, I found knit and crocheted dinosaurs to be a lot of fun and always a big hit!

  • Sandy

    I made smaller versions of the cute hedgehogs and filled them with catnip for kitty and then made a bunch for my friends kitties. They were a HUGE hit with all the kitties!

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  • Selma

    Go for it, knitters! Making toys is amazing fun, and the process is gratifyingly quick!

  • Erin Smith

    Too Cute! I would love to have this pattern. my younger siblings would love these!

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  • Lynn

    Last winter I was searching for something a little different to add to my knitting adventure. I started knitting toys ! What fun! I made sure they were all child friendly with the idea of donating them to the hospital gift shop. They are now all sitting on my mantle(all 23 of them) and I love every one of them. They are all different and so much personality !!! They make me smile!