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Knitted Toys: A Friend for William

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Knitted Toys: A Friend for William

Writer and avid knitter Selma Moss-Ward joins us for a series of blog posts about becoming a first-time grandmother and knitting toys. Click here to read her previous blog posts. 

Leo and William

If you’ve ever played with stuffed animals, you know that proportion in the Toy Universe has its own logic.  In the Toy Universe, unlike our own, Leo the Lion’s much smaller than William the Hedgehog—and that is perfectly fine.  In the Toy Universe, it doesn’t matter if someone’s face is the size of another’s paw.  What matters is having stuffy friends, and a person who loves you.

As soon as I began knitting Leo, from a buttery shade of Lion Brand’s Martha Stewart Crafts™ Extra Soft Wool, I knew he’d be a great pal for William, who’s metaphorically prickly on the outside, but soft within.  The two of them are excited about traveling to California to live with my new grandson.

Leo’s pattern, more complex than William’s, would be a fine Next Project for a recent graduate of Hedgehog Knitting School.  His head, torso, and legs are ingeniously knitted in one piece; arms, ears, tail, and mane (of orange Glitter Eyelash), are worked separately and easily attached.  The pattern is clearly written, and if you follow it carefully, Leo will develop almost without effort.  (A tip:  when knitting the mane, go slowly, because it’s difficult to pick up dropped stitches or rip out rows with this kind of yarn.)

Here, in photos, is the drama of Leo’s creation, and a portrait of his friendship with William.

Selma Moss-Ward is a freelance writer who combines her love of writing and of knitting in her columns, stories, and blog posts. Selma is also an active classical musician and the caretaker of five wonderful pets. She lives with them and her husband in Rhode Island. Read a monthly fiction story by Selma in our Pattern Journal newsletter.

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