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Knitted Parking Meter Covers

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Knitted Parking Meter Covers

A Brooklyn neighborhood has embraced the beauty of yarncrafting. The Montague Street Business Improvement District commissioned artist Magda Sayeg, founder of yarn bombing collective Knitta, Please, to cover a public space with knitted material. Around 50 knitters worked to create 69 colorful, creative parking meter covers. The covers will be on display until mid-June. Click here for more information.

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    I just saw the ad for 15% off on all recycled cotton yarns. I am so jealous. Will LB open another studio in other states?

    -Jean, from California.

    Zontee says: Hi Jean, please leave your comments on the blog post to which it relates. This makes it easier for others to know what you’re talking about. If you’re commenting on the Lion Brand Yarn Studio’s June special, please go to its website and comment on its blog by clicking here. At this time, Lion Brand is not planning any other retail locations.

  • I spent some quality time this morning looking at every picture posted about the knitted meter cozies and then, unfortunately, I wasted time reading the demeaning, self-centered, self-loathing comments/responses posted by others on that site. IMHO, if an organization wants to be part of a larger effort to perk up their community as this group does, the neighborhood (read, the rest of us) should be grateful for the effort, the intention and the talent it took to make this area a little less drab – especially in Brooklyn. Congratulations to the group, especially the knitters (you had to know that the dogs would use them badly) and to Lion Brand for picking up on this item.

  • Congrats, Knitta and Knitta gals. These parking meter cozies are fantastic. I was not impressed by some or shall I say, most of the comments – boo! I say we need more of this kind of whimsey (sp?) in a trouble world. Yay knitters!!

  • Oops, a small typo – should have read ‘troubled’ with a D.

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