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Knitted Light Fixtures

Check out these amazing photos on Art MoCo of artist Kwangho Lee‘s latest exhibit of his beautiful knitted light fixtures. Lee is a Korean artist who learned to knit from his mother and has created some incredibly beautiful things by working knitting into his pieces.

For more artwork made with yarncrafts, see below.

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  • Very cool! Reminds me of some of what this artist, Theresa Honeywell, does –
    She knits and crochets everyday objects that you’d never associate with needlework!

  • This just shows you can knit or crochet anything linear, including electrical cord. Gives one ideas alright. As for his creations…they are different. Good for him for following his creative muse!

  • […] year, I wrote about artist Kwangho Lee’s beautiful knitted light fixtures, and recently, I came across some of his newest work on a design blog I enjoy. I love how he has […]

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