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Knitted Car Cozy

Brooklyn artist Cynthia Ruse’s knitted car cozy, “This Year’s Model,” is currently on display at art space Chashama in New York as part of art collective CoLAB’s window display. If you’re in the area, stop by and see it on West 37th Street in Manhattan.

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  • you said “cosy” I thought of one of those organizer things … wow … that is way too obsessive for me

  • Oh how funny. As a Brooklyn born girl-only in NYC. I love it.

  • the car cozy is adorable. we should make gm offer them with all of their cars. On the other hand, will consider taking measurements and doing something in a washable yarn. The birds at my office just love doing a number on my car and it would be nice to have a stylish response.

  • WOW, too funny for words, but next time try using a really long circurlar needle so there’s no seams. AAAAA+++++++++ for the effort. I love it!

  • Impressive. But the VW Car Cozy does take the cake:

  • Ihave not yet seen the car cozy…Ihave created a personal cozy called a ‘tee cozie’,Ihave made about 40 of them for family,friends and for sale,all using LION Homespun,it’s so soft,warm,and washable!!!

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  • Well, art is art, I suppose. And it does make several social comments. I just hope after the display was finished she was able to make blankets for the homeless shelters or something, with all that wool. Rather like that artist who used to swath islands in pink fabric, okay cute I get the social comment but now what are you going to do that’s useful with it?

  • This is the first time I have ever posted a comment on ANY blog. Your car cozy moved me to wonder how I can open up your head, ladle out some of your creativity, and pour it into my own head! This is way cool!! Thank you for expanding my box…I’d have never thought ‘knitting’ a cover for my car. I’d like to see it done with no seams also…that would be some kind of challange. Love & hugs. Rosa

  • I think Cynthia’s Car Cozy is fabulous! How many yards did it take? What kind of yarn did she use & what size needle? (I’m not gonna make one, I’m just curious!)

    I live in Minnesota & drive a little black car. I think a bright lime green or sunny yellow would be adorable! My car gets really cold – right now it’s 1 degree below zero. I would imagine that to wash it you would go through a brush-less car wash?

    Wouldn’t it be fun if someone knit a car cozy where the windows were left unknit so you could actually drive around with it! It would be cute on an old VW Beetle! With a giant daisy embroidered on the hood!


  • Pam Says (8)–reknit into blankets for the homeless. 1st of all–acrylic (not wool) and secondly, No one asked Michangelo what he was going to do with all that marble when he was done playing with it. Or ever told Piccasso to use up all his paints before buying more! Helping the homeless is good, but would you take one of your own works apart to reknit for the homeless?

  • Wow, I just found this! I had absolutely no idea it was online, someone from Lion Brand must have put it up? So sorry I missed these conversations but big thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment on the piece!


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