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Knit and Crochet and Yarn Trends For 2014

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Knit and Crochet and Yarn Trends For 2014

1. Big, Bigger, Better

Big, Bigger, Best
1) Arm Knitting. 2) “Speed Stix” Knitting Needles. 3) Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® 4) Homespun® Thick & Quick®

We’ll see people supersizing everything in 2014 with big needle knit and crochet garments and home décor that display chunky, oversized stitches in oversized silhouettes. In 2014 we’ll be showing you a collection of designs that will keep you right on trend. Many of Lion Brand’s yarns are ideal for the “Big” trend including Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®, Homespun®, Homespun® Thick & Quick®, Hometown USA® . . . with more to come in 2014.

2. Make It Your Own

Customize It, Personalize It
1) Crochet Trim: Curlicue Fringe. 2) Knit Storyteller’s Afghan. 3) Crochet Skinny Pompoms Scarf 4) Knit Motif: Leafy Hexagon 5) Knit Nature Motif: Large Blue (Butterfly)

This trend has been growing steadily— from food to fashion, more people than ever have become involved in making their own mark on the products they use and give. Pinterest, the hugely popular platform has been embraced by the crafting community as a way to share ideas and inspirations for beautiful crafts. For those of us who have always believed in the value of handcrafting, the move is toward taking patterns and making them your own. Whether it is modifying the color, adding a simple feature like a pompom or pocket, or embroidering your initials, it is the idea that you have made something that shows your own unique style or that of a loved one. Lion Brand has a full year of content planned for 2014 to help yarn crafters celebrate their unique talents.

3. Responsible Crafting

Craft Responsible
Fur Alternatives (featured): Romance® and Fun Fur®; Made in the USA (featured) Homespun®Thick & Quick®, HeartlandHometown USA®, Martha Stewart Crafts™ Roving Wool, Homespun®Martha Stewart Crafts™ Merino, LB Collection® Pure Wool

Vegan Fur

Vegan fur is a trend that has had moments in fashion for about 8 years. Today the trend evolves to vegan fur. It’s a kinder, more playful, more varied interpretation of the fur look. From unreal fur colors to incredibly real versions of fur that can completely fool the eye, vegan fur has something for every taste. You’ll see fur in pompoms, trim that looks like real mink, and accessories.

Made In America

More and more, people are choosing American made yarn to assure quality and to keep jobs in the U.S. As an American, family-owned business rather than a multi-national publicly traded company, Lion Brand is has been devoted to quality yarn since 1878. Today, 13 of our yarns are made in the U.S.A.

4. Yarns that Do Everything But the Stitches

Yarns Do All the Work
1) Jazzy Knit Hat in Keppi 2) Knit Simple Lace Shawl in Unique 3) Knit Child’s Striped Cardi in Vanna’s Choice®

Different types of yarn go in and out of fashion. On and off, since 2005, novelty yarns like Fun Fur® have been all the craze. In the coming years, the new novelties will be yarns that imitate complex patterns or create an effect that appears to be painted. Another yarn that does the work for you is the Vanna’s Choice®  line, where every color works with every other color, no matter how far fetched it seems. (try matching green and purple. It works!) In 2014, we will introduce a new way to build on the success of this concept.

5. Modern Baby

Modern Baby
1) Crochet Squiggles and Grins Baby Afghan 2) Bias Knit Hooded Jacket 3) Crochet Mitered Squares Baby Throw 4) Royal Prince Baby Booties 5) Knit Colorplay Hoodie

There will always be the traditionalists who prefer pastel pink for girls and pastel blue for boys, but there is a movement toward a more contemporary notion of color. In the 1950s it would be unthinkable to make a baby blanket using greys and brights. Today, the possibilities are wide open. Contemporary baby blankets will have simple patterns in bright, non-traditional color palettes. Look for Lion Brand to introduce modern palettes for the entire family in 2014.

6. Color Trends

Gray, Greige, Great
1) Knit Entrelac Cowl 2) Knit Electric Avenue Pullover 3) Knit Casual Comfort Jacket 4) Knit & Crochet Striped Intarsia Throw 5) Knit Veranda Vest

The new neutral is Grey – We’ve seen it turning up where white or tan used to be the staple. Adding color to grey, makes it pop and mixing grey with the currently popular neons is a growing trend. Colors with personality are going to be more important than ever. Store-bought sweaters come in five basic colors but yarns for handcrafting have subtleties that you can’t find in the mass market. Lion Brand’s yarn lines each have a palette with personality—whether it is heathers, stripes, painting or bold color ranges, your personality will shine through with every choice you make.

7. The IT Item for 2014

Sorting Hat
1) Knit Prospect Park Hat 2) Knit McCarren Park Ranger Hat 3) Knit Driggs Ave. Hattitude 4) Crochet Havemeyer Helmet 5) Crochet Williamsburg Cafe Hat 6) Crochet Metropolitan Ave. Hat 7) Knit Lorimer St. Beanie 8) Knit Wythe Slouch Hat 9) Crochet Union St. Cap 10) Knit Positively Red Hook Hat 11) Crochet Halsey St. Pompom Helmet

While the scarf has always been popular, the hat is the new IT accessory. Men, women and children of all ages personalize their winter looks with a very wide variety of on trend styles. Younger people are starting to wear hats more and more, whether it’s for skiing, snowboarding or just following the look of their favorite. In our recent catalog we introduced the a spread of 12 hats and we’ll be introducing scores more for 2014.

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  • Please tell me which color of Homespun Thick and Quick is featured in the beginning of this blog. I’d love to use it for a sweater for my DGD.

    • Looks like the charcoal one in the skein.

    • I believe it is Greystone Stripes.

    • It’s Grey Marble. To learn to make the arm knit scarf shown, watch this video.

    • I think it looks like the Mixed Berries. if you follow the ‘homespun’ link, its on the second page of colors listed. Good luck!

  • can someone find the pattern for hat number 9

    • Debbie,

      The hat is the Union St. Cap, and the pattern can be found here.

      • Once u click on Petrina’s link, than click on “instructions”

  • made an arm knit infinity scarf for my daughter after she saw one and wanted it…. she loves it… now to teach the wife how to do this…

  • Many years ago I made an afgan from a simplicity pattern. I would now like to make another one, found original pattern. It calls for 16 balls ( 4 ounce) of knitting worsted weight yarn, 4 ply . Need suggestion of what yarn to use please

    • Try Vanna’s Choice, my favourite acrylic yarn

  • Which trim will look like real mink?

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  • I don’t understand the term “Vegan Fur.” Isn’t this yarn an acrylic made with extruded petroleum? I believe if we knew the process it would be considered anything but eco-friendly. Now if you figured out how to make a fake fur yarn with say wool, angora (the natural choice) or alpaca, you would support a sustainable product that does not hurt the animals or the planet.

  • Awesome!!!!!!! Can’t wait. Would like to see the crocheted mitered baby throw turned into a knitting pattern. I’m a knitter, this one almost makes me want to learn to crochet!!!!!! Can’t wait to start on some of these. Lion brand designers have been working hard!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

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