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Keep Track of Your Measurements

Whenever I start a new garment, I find myself double and triple checking my measurements.  I ask myself, "What was the measurement on that last sweater?" and eventually spend the few seconds it takes to remeasure my bust and waist.  The only trouble is that sometimes it's awkward to take measurements in public, so I can never commit to a new sweater without a little planning.  Plus, it's silly that I remeasure myself every time I start a sweater, even when my measurements remain consistent.  I finally decided I needed to write down my measurements and keep them somewhere accessible. Our friends at BurdaStyle have a fabulous downloadable personal measurement card.  The card includes all the important measurements, and you can print it, fill it out and keep it with you wherever you go!  To download it, just go to their size chart page and click "Download Card" (on the right in the "BurdaStyle's Personal Measurement Card" box).

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