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Join the Pride: Getting to Know Lion’s Pride Woolspun Yarn

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Join the Pride: Getting to Know Lion’s Pride Woolspun Yarn

Lion Brand lovers, meet your new go-to yarn.

Lion’s Pride Woolspun Yarn is a favorite among knitters & crocheters alike, and its lovable qualities will unfurl every stitch of the way. Select your skein from a bevvy of 35 colors, ranging from hearty neutrals to Pinterest-worthy vivids, self-striping prints to mixes. The fiber make-up is special, and you’ll feel the difference while working in it & once you’re wearing it – read more below!


Feel the difference in the fiber.

Lion’s Pride Woolspun Yarn is a bulky beauty, weighing in at 3.5oz in solids, 3oz in prints (CYC #5/Bulky). It works up quickly, and you’ll feel that burst of confidence holding a strong start in your hands within the hour from first casting on! The 127yd in solids (108yd in prints) is made with 12-ply construction. The 12-ply construction is totally unique, lending itself to beautiful draping for garments and a cushion-y bounce for afghans and winter accessories.

From Susan’s five-star review:

Excellent stitch definition

I love this yarn for projects with complex stitches. The yarn doesn’t felt, there’s no ‘halo’, so your gorgeous cables and such stand out without getting fuzzy. Incredible stitch definition.

Thank you, Susan, we think so, too!

The blend is 80% Acrylic & 20% Wool, with the warmth & comfort of wool.

Jennifer says:

I love it for hats and scarfs. If you’re anything like me you probably usually find anything with wool in it makes you really itchy and you just can’t touch it but with this yarn you would never know there’s any wool in it at all. It’s so soft and beautiful, This is a must buy.

Choosing a Color

Whether you’re following Pantone on Instagram for the latest color-inspo, or trying a print for the first time, LPW has you covered! With 35 colors to choose from, we’ve expanded from the original 24 color line. We strive to keep up with color trends, to keep your projects looking fresh from cast on to cast off!

The latest trending tones in vivids:

A few classic fall tones from our friends:

And if you’re curious about color-mixing, check out our handy guide: Color Made Easy!

How to work it in!

Lion’s Pride Woolspun has been featured in a whopping 3809 projects on, no doubt because of it’s versatility of colors and sumptuous feel. From cardigans to kidswear, winter accessories both practical & whimsical (smitten-weather, anyone?), LPW works into any project with ease. Because of the 12-ply fiber, pieces will drape beautifully, and the convenience of the care makes it great for garments that see regular wear!

We’re grateful for this shout-out from Sisi:

Very Versatile

I love using this yarn for sweaters, scarves, hats and ponchos. It’s extremely soft and pliable. A great yarn at a reasonable price. Thank you Lion Brand for making this yarn!

Let us know if you agree, & what you’ll be casting on for in the comments. Not sure where to begin? Read on!

Let’s get started!


If you’re looking for a sensible project for the coming cold weather, how about some of these sweet knits?

Easy Knit Scarf & Hat | Knit Pullover | Knit Vest

Or grab your hook & cast into these crochet styles:

Crocheted Shawl | Easy Crochet Scarf & Hat | Crocheted Vest


If you want to go big & bold, might we suggest The Magic Miters Throw? Cozy up with this geometric stunner, & send us a photo of yours to be featured on our website! You can use the suggested colors pictured here, or use the Color Made Easy catalog to plan out your own color inspiration that will go perfectly in your living room.

If you post on social media, be sure to use the hashtags #lionbrand & #lionbrandyarn so we can show you some love!

Wear & Care

Pieces made with Lion’s Pride Woolspun Yarn can be laundered at home in a machine (hooray!). Wash cycle can be set to ‘Hot’, use your preferred detergent or soap, and feel free to use agitation. Toss items in the drier, set to ‘Hot’, and wait for the buzzer to wear again! You can also lay flat to dry, if you need to re-block / shape.

Let us know!

If you’re a tried & true LPW fan, we’d love to hear about your favorite colors & patterns you’ve worked it into recently. And if you have any questions, please ask in the comments below!

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