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Join Our Spring Knit-Along Featuring the… Tranquil Tank Top!

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Join Our Spring Knit-Along Featuring the… Tranquil Tank Top!

KAL badgeEach season we host a crochet- or knit-along, a virtual event in which yarncrafters come together here online to work on one pattern together, share their experiences, and to learn together. There’s no need to sign up! Simply follow along with the blog posts at your own pace as you knit your project, and feel free to share your comments and/or photos as you progress.

The votes are in!

We asked you to vote on what knit project you’d like to make, and you picked our Tranquil Green Tank Top! More than 6,000 of you voted, and we’re so excited to knit-along with you.

Click here to download the pattern for the Tranquil Tank Top.

To get this knit-along going, this week is about gathering your materials so that we can jump right in next week. This lovely tank top is made in our Vanna’s Choice yarn, a versatile, easy-care, acrylic worsted-weight yarn that comes in a huge assortment of stunning colors. If you’re more in the mood for a cotton blend, Cotton-Ease is a great substitute, and will be light and lovely as the temperatures get warmer. You can also opt for the eco-friendly choice and knit your top in Recycled Cotton, which is a blend of new and recycled materials.

As with any yarn substitution, you’ll also need to figure out how many skeins of the yarn of your choice the pattern will require. Here are the number of balls for our other recommended yarns:

 Yarn S/M  L  1X
 Vanna’s Choice  4 skeins 4 skeins  5 skeins
 Cotton-Ease  4 skeins 4 skeins  5 skeins
 Recycled Cotton  4 skeins 4 skeins  5 skeins

Click here for our FAQ on substituting yarns.

When choosing a size, sometimes it helps to find a top that you like the fit of and measure this garment to help you choose a size.

Starting next week, our KAL host Heather will be posting her progress through the tank top project, with updates coming every Thursday. You’ll know it’s a dedicated KAL blog post when you see our special badge in the upper right-hand corner of the post. Don’t forget to join our Ravelry group for this KAL as well!

In the meantime, please introduce yourself below–let us know who you are, where you’re from, and who you’re making this top for!

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  • I guess I’ll be the first. My name is Anne (Anne1k on Ravelry) and I live in Palo Alto, CA. This will be my third KAL. I’ll be doing some yarn shopping today. Looking forward to the fun!

  • My name is Susan and I joined the Ravelry Knit Along for this tank. This will be my second Knit-Along. About to whip out my debt card and make my purchase on the Cotton Ease.

  • Happy that it’s the tranquil tank top which I voted for! I’m Karen and I live in Singapore. This is my first KAL and I hope I can keep up.

  • I’m hoping to knit along, will make a change to share something instead of knitting in isolation! I am from Portsmouth, UK and it is my first knit along.

  • I am from New Jersey. This is my first KAL. I am very nervous and excited. I am making this for myself if it fits in the end.

  • Hi my name is Shoshy, (shoshyr on Ravelry) I live inI Coral Springs, Florida, USA and am in Tel Aviv Israel as we speak, going home tomorrow. This is my second knit along and I loved doing it!

  • Lisa from Central NY state. This is my first KAL and will be yarn shopping today!

  • Hi this is my first KAL, and I am going to knit this beauty for myself 🙂

  • This is Becky from PA. I’ve done a couple of the other KAL and am looking forward to this one. Ordered my yarn today. Can’t wait to do a swatch. This will be my first project using a chart, so looking forward to learning a new skill 🙂

  • Kristin from NH, and this is my first KAL. I just joined the KAL on Ravelry. I’m looking forward to making my first garment and hoping that in the end it fits me 🙂

  • Laura from Oak Harbor. I think I will make this for myself to wear to a wedding this summer.

  • the top is beautiful on the model but i don’t think my stomach would look good in that ribbing – maybe next project =( sigh

  • Ugh! that wasn’t my pick and there is no way I’d be caught dead wearing it. Sorry, won’t be taking part in this KAL.

  • some really nice finished ones on Ravelry….. wasn’t sure it was the top for me but after seeing what it looks like on others ….I like the idea of it over a shirt. Will head out for yarn later today.

  • Wondering what the difference is between this one and the blissful blue pattern, is it just color? Because I recently started blissful blue would love to use the KAL to work on and finish it

  • Hi, this is Debbie from Stafford, VA. I am going to try this in the Recycled Cotton. Putting in my order this afternoon.

  • Lowell, Mass. here. I’m knitting this one for myself!

  • Hi, This is Mary from Stafford, VA. Wish this came a little large. How large is the 1X?

    • MaryAnn, if you look at the pattern it says the finished size of the bust is 47″, 119.5 cm. It would barely fit my 46″ bust with the shoulders probably being too wide on my narrow shoulders. Wish I was a little more experienced in adjusting patterns.

  • Hello, I am excited to begin this pattern. I live in Norfolk, VA and this is my first KAL. This one is for me and am doing it in a nice neutral heather grey Cotton-Ease. Wish me luck.

  • Hi, I’m Marilyn from North Augusta, SC. I’m going to try this, although i have about 4 WIP’s already.

  • Hi, Everyone! I am in Shelton WA and look forward to finishing this project with this KAL. I may have enough in my stash to make this one!

  • Hi, I’m from Ontario, Canada and this is my first knit-along. Glad this was the one chosen – I would have made it anyway, but it helps to have some guidance, and also a deadline! I’m great at starting projects, not so good at finishing them though.
    Quick question – I usually don’t worry about gauge with larger projects, but when it comes to clothing it’s obviously much more important. I just wondered – what stitch pattern should be used to check gauge? It says “over chart patterns” but I don’t know if I should check in the 2k/2p rib, or stockinette stitch, or the lace part?
    I started a swatch in 2k/2p rib and, though I’ve only knit about eight rows so far and can’t check the height yet, the width should be accurate at this point – and it says 14 stitches should be 4 inches – mine’s closer to 2 inches! I know I knit a bit tight, but that seems like a huge difference. Though this gauge might be slightly different in st stitch or lace, I dunno??
    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

    • Okay, I’m not that far off – I was eyeballing it and when I measured it’s actually 3-1/2″, so much closer!! Whoops, a bit overly dramatic of me!
      Still curious which stitch is best to measure though, just to make sure. Thanks!

      • Hi Gina, it’s the laced stitch used in the charts, and yes, your gauge may vary, so I’d recommend doing your swatch in the specified stitch. Heather, our KAL host will talk more about getting gauge next week if you want to wait, but please feel free to proceed if you want too.

        • Thank you!!

  • Hi, I’m Christy in Perth, Western Australia. This is my first KAL and I’m very excited! I do have a question. I’ve heard that I can get Lion Brand Yarn at Spotlight stores, yet I’ve been to several and still can’t seem to find it. Do you have a list of stores that carry it, so I can get my yarn?


    • Hi Christy, since stores may not always buy directly from us (they may
      buy through a distributor or, in the case of chains, stores may purchase
      together through a main office), we aren’t able to tell you which specific
      stores in your area carry a specific item. We recommend that you give them a call ahead of time. You can also order from this Australian website which carries Lion Brand products including Cotton-Ease and Martha Stewart Crafts Cotton Hemp, both of which would be great for this project (be sure to calculate the number of balls you’d need of the Cotton Hemp, since it comes in smaller balls):

      • Thanks Zontee!!
        We’ve only been in Australia about 15 months (coming from Denver CO) and I must say for a country with more sheep than people, the yarn here leaves a LOT to be desired! Luckily I brought a huge stash so I’ll see what I find 🙂

        • Hi Christy, online shopping is the best way to go for yarn purchases here I’m afraid, if you can’t find a great LYS. Lion Brand online is great – particularly when sales are available. There are many others you can access too. One of my favourites is which offers cones of yarn that are great value and they will ply up to the thickness you desire too. I look forward to seeing everyone’s finished projects.

  • Hello from Atlanta, Georgia! I am Nana and I have never done a “knit along”, but it looks like an easy pattern to knit something that has some “fit” instead of scarves, etc…. looking forward to learning something new!

  • Hi! I’m Jodie from New Mexico. I have never done a KAL, and have never tried a garmet. I think I’m ready and this seems like a good supportive opportunity. My main concern is the fact that we are knitting from a chart. I am a left-handed knitter. How will this affect the outcome? Do I follow the chart differently? Help!

  • Hi – I’m Pat from New Jersey – I’m thinking of trying this – it will be my first KAL, I’m left handed and it’s my first garment!!

  • Hello all, I will be making this for my daughter, looking forward to it.

  • Since I’ve been reading this is the first KAL for quite a few of you it’s given me the confidence to try it myself! We’ll see how it goes…really like the pattern!

  • I’m Jackie, I am from Jacksonville, TX, and I plan on making this top for my two daughters(one at a time, of course). This is my first knit-along, and I am looking forward to the guidance!

  • Hi, I’m Terrie from Maryland. I just finished another summer top KAL, so I feel I can join in with this one now. BUT I already know that an acrylic top in worsted weight is tooooooo hot for Maryland summers! I will be looking to substitute a thinner yarn, probably DK weight, in a cotton blend or maybe even a merino yarn. Of course that means I’m going to have to reinvent all the numbers, but that seems like the way I tend to do things! Now to find some nice yarn!

    • Hi, I’m Sharon from Arizona and I agree with you on Vanna’s choice1 I do feel that one of the cotton yarns will work, thoough. this is my first time with a KAL. Looking forward to it.

  • Hi – this is Dianne and i’m in north idaho – this is my first KAL and I will be making this one for me.

  • Hi this will be my first project. Hope I can follow along and make this top for me.

    • Welcome Annie to the group. Congratulations on choosing this as your first project. It will be fun to work on this together. hang in there.

  • I have the blue version pattern, so may start with you all. I need to check my yarn stash. I know I have some Cotton Ease that I might use. I live in New Mexico.

  • Hi, this is my first KAL. Now that I have committed, I am excited. I think I’ll use the cotton yarn, cooler for summer. (like we have a long summer here, ha!) I have many women/girls in my family so hopefully it will fit one of us. We shall see. I have stayed away from fitted items and it is time to get over it.

  • Hi everyone! I am Yvonne and live in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. While this is not the project I voted on (I really wanted to try the afghan) I am still looking forward to making this lovely top. I will probably use Cotton-Ease or another cotton blend that I have in my enormous stash. I’m currently working on a baby blanket that one of my co-workers commissioned me for and working on designing an afghan for my granddaughter’s graduation next June. Having this project to also work on will hopefully be somewhat more challenging for me and trying to get each section done within the week may help to keep me focused — just like going to school!

  • Hi! This is Stephanie from Jacksonville, Florida. My first knit-along and I am ready to get started!

  • I am going to attempt this KAL. It will be my first. I am hoping I can keep up.

  • Does anyone know how to convert a 1X to a 2X and 3X?

  • Hi. I am Martha from Maryland and this is my first KAL. I have never knit from a chart so this will be a huge challenge for me. I also tend to lose momentum half way through a project and end up with several tote bags sitting around with unfinished projects stuffed inside. I will have to push myself to keep up with the group but I really love the pattern and am determined to finish it.

  • My name is Karen. I’m from the Akron Ohio area. This is my first knitalong so I’m going to get started buying the yarn…something for summer and for myself. Always making things for gifts and others so this one is for me.

  • I’m Deby from Glendale, AZ. I usually stick with afghan projects, but am going to attempt this in cotton ease or recycled cotton for myself

  • Hi, I’m Mary from Wiltshire, England. I am interested in joining this tutorial, but am fairly awful at knitting. My cables are wobbly, and my jumpers never fit. The pattern says it is for Experienced Knitters, so I’m apprehensive.

  • I,m Evelyn I live in Phoenix, I,m making the sweater for my daughter.

  • Hi, I’m Jackie from the upper peninsula of Michigan. This is my first KAL. I hope I can keep up. I will probably use cotton ease. I’ve never done cables and want to learn.

  • Hi everyone! I am Kay from Vallejo, CA. This will be my first knit along and I will appreciate
    the guidance as I knit. My concern is the difficulty of the pattern and that this will fit me
    when I am done. Sounds like I have a lot of company here. I am looking forward to the
    experience and to learning something new.

  • Hi, I’m Kim from Sunnyvale, California and this is my fir KAL. I am so excited!!!! I usually am knitting something for someone else, loved the patten when I saw it a few months ago and am so happy that it was chosen. I will be attempting this patten in the round cause I’m not fond of piece work, so i avoid it when I can. Don’t know if we’re supposed to cast on yet, but I’m gonna give a test swatch in the round to see my guage. Look forward to the experience….Yay

    • Hi Kim
      I’m new to Australia from Denver and agree I’m not the best at sewing pieces together. I’d be interested in your pattern changes for doing this in the round!
      Good luck and thanks for any help 🙂


  • Hi, I’m Bea, from Suffolk England. I have some DK cotton in my stash. Would that be suitable for this garment? it’s Araucania cotton from Chile.

    • I live in Boston and don’t have much access to DK yarn but I have tried to knit many Debbie Bliss patterns calling for DK and found the cotton yarn here in the US knits up very differently, knitting swatches will be very important.

    • Hi Bea, Vanna’s Choice (the originally specififed yarn) is an aran weight, so you may not be able to get gauge without making your fabric a little too see-through for a top. Please feel free to try making a gauge swatch and see how you like the resulting fabric. Hope that helps!

  • Hi, I’m Mary from Bedfordshire, United Kingdom. I am going to attempt this project for myself. I am looking forward to joining this group, ‘my newfound family’
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Hi, My name is Jan and I’m from Rhode Island. I have completed knit and crochet alongs before with great success. I am very excited to make this top with the group. Now the hard part is to figure out which yarn and color…

  • I am from Alabama and am excited about the pattern and the knit along. I have knit for several years, learning from my mother. I struggle at times with understanding patterns. I belong to a small group of knitters and they have helped me through the pattern language! I would like to do this in cotton since we are in such a warm climate. I usually end up giving my projects as gifts.

  • Hi, I am anxious to try this project, which i will be making for my daughter-in-law.

  • Hello! I’m from Michigan, and this pattern has been on my radar for awhile now. I’m glad it was chosen for the KAL. I picked up my Vanna’s Choice yesterday in Kelly Green, and will be knitting a gauge swatch this weekend.
    I’m hoping to get some help in adjusting the pattern for a full bust: I’ll knit the large, but will need
    to add 2 inches to the front.

  • Hi, my name is Marian from Ontario, Canada. I am just finishing something off now an will start this top soon. I bought some Vanna’s Choice on sale from Michaels a few weeks ago with no project in mind for it. The color is a variegated called “denim dust” I hope the lace pattern comes through

  • Hi my name is Cindy, I live in PA, this will be my first KAL and I can’t wait to start, I think I will be making this top for my Grand-daughter.

  • Hi- I’m Sheila Rasmussen. I live in Coppell,Texas. This is my first KAL project & I’m really excited to get started soon. Summer will be here quickly- temps are already close to 80 in April so I’m making this too for myself.
    I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s progress & hope to learn a lot from this.

  • Hi, I’m Olga from Washington and I am looking forward to the KAL. I’ll be doing the top in cotton.

  • Hi! I am Darlene from Allen Park, MI. My first knit along, and have had my eye on this pattern for a while. A new challenge for me to have a time frame to work in. Also to work at keeping my gage consistant. Thanks everyone for picking this!

  • Hi, I’m Jayne from Bradenton, Florida. this is my first KAL and apparel project. Looking forward to creating something that is not just a large scarf–as my kids call my afghans!

  • Hi I would make this my first KAL except I can’t knit. Please let me know when the next KAL starts for crochet. Thanks and good luck everyone!

  • Hello, all! This is Kathy from Elmore, Ohio. The smallest size listed has a finished bust size of 38 inches, which is a bit large for me. Any suggestions for making this finish smaller? Smaller needles? Lighter weight yarn? Or will there maybe be ideas in the first post?

  • Hi all,
    I too am from Ontario, Canada (Kitchener) and this is my first knit-along. It appears to be for the “experienced” knitter, but I love the look of the top and hope that by joining this group, the project won’t be too daunting.

  • Hi, this is Mendy from the Atlanta, GA area. This is my first KAL, and I’m so glad that the tank top was picked. Since it tend to be warm here in the summer (HOTlanta, anyone? 😉 ), does anyone have advice as to what the best yarn would be to keep this top cool? TIA, and I’m looking forward to getting started!

    • Hi, Mendy. I live around Chattanooga, TN, also a rather warm area. I prefer cotton since it wicks moisture away from the skin more than acrylic.

  • I made this last summer and it’s beautiful!

  • Hello everyone. I’m living on the Trinity River in Northern California. Love this winner and my first follow along. Have to get my yarn and then I’ll be ready.

  • Hello everyone,
    This is my first knit a long and I am really excited to get the yarn and begin. The pattern looks fantastic and I can’t wait to see what color choices I will have.
    My name is Jean and I live in Ft. Myers, FL.

  • Hi it’s Kim from Indian Trail, North Carolina. My first KAL through LB and my first garment other than shawls. I will choose any yarn that is natural fiber, most likely cotton. Happy knitting!

  • Can’t wait! This is my first knit-along also. Time to find a color and yarn choice 🙂

  • I’m looking forward to knitting this tank top. I did vote for it and this will be my first knit along..Yay!!

  • Count me in! I’m going to try with cotton- ease. I can’t wait to pick up my yarn this weekend! I’m Karen from Macedon, NY. My first knit-along with Lion Brand!

    • Hey there. My name is Nancy and I am originally from Newark, NY. I was surprised to see Macedon,NY in your note. I am going to join the KAL because this is a pattern I have wanted to try since last year.

  • Count me in! I’m going to try with cotton- ease. I can’t wait to pick up my yarn this weekend! I’m Karen from Macedon, NY. My first knit-along with Lion Brand!

  • I wish some of your patterns came in 2x and 3x. I would love to knit this but although an experienced knitter I do not know how to enlarge this pattern. Good news is that I am moving to NYC soon a few blocks from the Lion Brand store!

    • Hi Lizz I always look at the amount of stiches difference in sizes then go up that many and the same when increses and length. I have the same problem as I need a 2x, hope this helps. Caroline kettering uk

    • Hi LizzW, hope you’ll join us for future knit- and crochet-alongs, as most do have 2X and 3X sizes (this is the rare exception) due to the way this pattern is charted. Also, we look forward to having you visit our store!

  • From rural Ontario, Canada. Near the city of London. I voted for the vest and I’m making it for myself for a change! ☺

  • Hello! I am Maria and I am in Phoenix. I have seen the KAL projects over the years but have not joined before. I am lookin gforward to this adventure!

  • Hi im caroline from kettering uk I am goin to knit this for my self have already increased pattern and got the wool.

  • Yay! I am so excited to join this knit along. I have wanted to try this pattern for a long time but was afraid to do it alone. I love knitting with LB cotton, so that is probably what I will go with. Good luck everybody!

  • I am more of an intermediate knitter. I can do seed stitch and barely eyelets but I hate cables. How can I make this sweater with a plain knit top and just the ribbing bottom?

    • I feel the same… I was considering do a ribbing along the neckline corresponding to the waistline…

    • Hi Printique and @55780b3bdf7321d1ea15b999f1f9322f:disqus, since part of the knit-along experience is to learn new skills, I’d encourage you to follow along and see if you’d be interested in trying out those techniques when we come to them. (Who knows? You may learn some helpful hints and tricks to doing them that will change your mind about them.)

      But if you want to make the top plain, since you have the chart for the top, you could simply replace the pattern stitches (like the yarn-over/decrease combos for the eyelets) with stockinette. You should find that your piece has the same stitch count and shape as the chart as you go along. Hope that helps!

  • hi I am maureen from picher creek Alberta

    definately going to make this for me love the pattern

  • I am from Lockhart Texas. This is my first knit a long. I haven’t knitted in a long time.

  • Hi, I am from Wasilla, Alaska & this will be my first time to participate as much as I can in a knit-along. I have been itching to make this pattern, but other things seem to always get me distracted.

  • I’m from Maryland and I’m looking forward to getting this project done in a timely manner with my first KAL. I’ve been looking at this top for a while, and now I have a good excuse to make it.

  • Hi, I am from Montreal, Canada and this is my first KAL. This pattern looks gorgeous…can’t wait to wear it.

  • Bev B from Valley Forge, PA I am going out to get my materials this weekend. I’m making it for me. However, if it turns out a little big, then I give it to my daughter in law. If it is a little tight, then it goes to my daughter. Either way, I’m covered!!!

  • Hello, I am from Owosso, Michigan and this is my second knit-along. It was nice to have a choice to pick from different choices of yarn. I am going to make this for myself. I am thinking pink, as green is not a good color for my skin tone. Can not wait to start

  • Hi I’m Elisabeth from Redmond (Seattle) WA. this will be my first KAL even though I have been knitting for a VERY long time. Thought it would be a fun project and can’t wait for my yarn to arrive.

  • Hello. I am Beth from Northeastern PA. Knitting the top for myself. I am a relatively new knitter (this is only my 5th project). I am hoping that with guidance, it will turn out just fine.

  • pittsburgh – making something for myself!! looks beautiful

  • Hi. I’m LaDonna from Kansas. This my first KAL. I’m going to make this for myself from my enormous Vanna’s Choice stash.

  • Hi, I’m Connie Brown and I’m from Mansfield, Ohio. I will be making this for myself. I have never participated in a knit-along, so I’m excited to work together on a project with others!

  • Hi I´m Evelyn from Guadalajara, Mexico and this is my first KAL I have Vanna´s yarn and also Cotton- Ease because I love your yarns and always have a good stock of them. Glad my favorite Tranquil Tank Top was the chosen.

  • Hi, I’m Ingrid. I leave near Rennes in France. I put this project in my todo list several weeks ago. So I voted for it, and now it is selected for the KAL, I just can’t wait to start it although I already have several projects to finish. I’m going to make it for me, with some Cheval Blanc yarn found in a local store.

  • Hi, I’m Monica, I’m from Queretaro, MEXICO. I LOVE Lion Brand , I have been in the New York Studio two times. I’ll love to knit this top. Now I am In the US, Monday I’ll buy the materials, because I am going back home Wednesday. A month ago I jus finished the BEAUTIFUL Sampler Blanket, It is incredible.

  • Hello from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I’ve never done a KAL with any of the sites I frequent but my mother and I have been doing our own little “knitting bee” for many years. After making many sweaters, tops, blankets, grand-baby garments, etc, I’ve decided to give this KAL a try. I downloaded this particular pattern a very long time ago and just couldn’t decide what colour I wanted. I tend to work in acrylics so will probably use a DK weight yarn from my stash. Happy knitting everyone!

  • Hi! I’m Marci and I’m from New York City. This is my first KAL and my first large garment! I’m more of a scarf/hat girl so I voted for this top. I’m going to use the cotton-ease. I look forward to getting lots of tips and learning from you all!

  • I live in St Louis, Missouri and have wanted to try this pattern since last year so…I am going to try a KAL for the first time. I’ll be using a cotton but I am not sure which one. I have tried both and found the recycled cotton a little more difficult to work with because it is loosely spun. I do really enjoy the cropped sweater I made from it, however.

  • Hi everyone. I am Rose from Wyndmoor,PA and am happy to join in on the fun of making this knit along project. I have been crocheting much longer than I have been knitting, so this will be quite a challenge for me. I will be asking for help from all. Looking forward to getting started and I will be using cotton ease. I find it easy to work with as well as comfortable to handle. Some yarns can be very scratchy and stiff. It is nice to have so many other crafters from other countries. Looking forward to chatting with all in the group.

  • When will there be a crochet along?

    • In the summer (probably July). Hope you’ll join us then!

    • Hi Pauline! Look out for a crochet-along this summer! We’ll post all the details right here on the Notebook.

  • Hi all, I’m from Tucson AZ, and this is my first knit-along. Very glad it’s this pattern (I voted for it). Looking forward to participating. JG

  • Hi I’m Janet from NYC and this will be my first knit-along. I just ordered my yarn-cotton ease. This neckline has a slimmer look, not sure how to make necessary adjustments for me? (
    between L & 1X)? I’m going jump in, can’t wait to get started.

  • Hi! I’m from Philadelphia and this will be my first KAL too. Can’t wait to go get the yarn today. This will also be my first “garment” piece. I usually do hats, scarves and throws. So excited!

  • Hi, I am from the Villages, Fl. This is my first attempt at one of these and I am making it for my daughter. I love making new things and trying new patterns. Looking forward to learning and knitting!

  • Hi, I am from the Villages, Fl. This is my first attempt at one of these and I am making it for my daughter. I love making new things and trying new patterns. Looking forward to learning and knitting!

  • I’m in Massachusetts and this will be my first KAL. I’ve made hats, scarves, shawls, and socks, but haven’t tried any clothing yet. I’ll be making this in cotton for myself and am looking forward to the project–I’ve admired this pattern since I first saw it, but hadn’t worked up the nerve to try it!

  • Hello, I’m Elsa, Stafford, VA. I look forward to making this top. I’m going to make it with Cotton Ease – my preference for summer :-).

  • Hi, I’m from Utah and this is my first knit-along, too. I chose the Vanna’s Choice in dusty blue and I’m excited to get started.

  • Hi Everyone! This is my firs KAL and I like a challenge! I truly dislike the purl stitch in great quantities. I am going to attempt to do this in the round. I haven’t decided if I am going to knit the overlap simultaneously or try to crest the illusion as I knit in a circle.

  • I got my yarn yesterday – Vanna;s Choice Fern. What a beautiful spring color! I am thinking of doing the bottom ribbing in the round and then dividing off when I get to the upper part. I am excited to do this darling vest and hope to wear it on Mother’s Day!

    • Hi Mary Ann! (and everyone else too!) we should keep close touch because I am going to try it in the round also. When I get to the pattern on the front, i think I will try to create the illusion of an overlap by knitting into the back of the edge stitch, or brainstorm just hit me… The back of the second stitch in. Also. Should we cast on 82 stitches in the round (front and back count) or are the directions including an extra stitch at the edges to make the seams? I am going to try it that way for a few k2 / p2 rows then the pattern. Once i figu it out, i will start the tank for real.

  • From Hollywood FL making myself a Mother’s Day present.

  • Hi, I’m in Orlando, FL and this is my first knit-along, too! I’m looking forward to learning how to use a chart for knitting. I’m such a newbie!!!

  • I’m in! I can’t not make it with you all. :-). So excited,,,,I love KAL’s. They are so enjoyable.

  • Hi! I’m Marilyn from Ohio. This is my first KAL. I bought my yarn today and had to settle for a blue called “Lake” as it was the only cotton-ease with 4 skeins left and the store isn’t going to carry it anymore. Good news – – it was on a clearance sale so my project will be very inexpensive.

  • Michele Here from Cincinnati – This will be my first knit along! Going to make for myself.

  • Hi, I am from Minnesota. This is my first and looking forward to this but not sure if I am an experienced knitter but have done a few projects on my own. I need to get my yarn but do have the cotton ease on hand and it is varigated. I like a challenge so looking for to this. I never have seen this before!! So here I go!!

  • Hi, my name is Denise from white lake. mi. this us my first. non dishcloth kal. I can not wait to begin.

  • Hi, I live near Chicago, IL. Not my first KAL, or my first with Lion, but I haven’t had much luck finishing with the group, hopefully this is a small enough project that I can. I consider myself an intermediate knitter, mastered everything I tried so far, but haven’t tried designing or anything like that yet. I also crochet and quilt, cross-stitch a bit, know how to spin but not very good at it, would like to learn how to weave.

  • He-lo, I am Shirley from the Athens, Texas area, love the pattern, going to use Cotton Ease in the color 112 Berry which looks rose. I have 7 skeins so should be plenty. i usually wear a 2x but my bust is 46 so maybe I can wear the 1x, i have lost some weight. Making it for myself. My first KAL project. I have knitted in the round. Hats & mittens, will study the pattern to see if I can do it that way, it would be faster & simpler if I can figure it out.

  • I am Jamet from Idah, and I am in! This is my first KAL.

  • I knit better than I type…Idaho.

  • Hi, I am from Nashville, TN. I been wanting to join on of you KAL, so finally this looks like a good time. I did one KAL with a group, and it was a surprise what we were making. Anyway, I do have some of Vanessa yarn or hopefully enough of some yarn in my stash. I like this tank, just hoping I will like the fit on me, a larger woman.

  • Hi everyone, I’m from eastern Ontario and this is my first knit along also. I collected up my materials and knitted a swatch and it was too small. Went to a needle 1/2 size larger, a 6mm, and it’s much closer. Looking forward to following along and watching everyone’s progress.

  • My name is Lori de Leon and I live in Bakersfield. Looking forward to the project.

  • I live in Freeman, MO, and am very excited to start this Knit Along. I will make this to fit me and if it comes out good, will probably make it for birthday gifts.

  • Jersey girl here 😉 First KAL and if I can frog a Cotton Ease tank top that did not fit – will put that to better use. Otherwise I have some pretty DK in my hoard that would work well. Will adjust stitch count and if too small, my daughter likes the pattern

  • My name is Jean, living Douglasville, Ga. This will be my first knit along

  • Hi Everyone–My name is Sue and I live in Freehold NJ. This will be my second KAL and the garment will be for me. I am usually making things for everyone else. Can’t wait to see your comments, questions, and finally your pictures. Good luck to you all. See you on the blog.

  • My name is Martha. I live in Alabama, USA, and I am excited about trying my first KAL! I purchased my yarn today in a beautiful sea green color and am looking forward to getting started.

  • I’m Sarah from Brooklyn, and this is my first online KAL. I just finished my first live KAL at the Lion Brand Studio in New York City. It was a lot of fun and it was very rewarding working through all the challenging design elements. I’m making the tranquil top in Vanna’s Choice Soft Pink and I plan to wear it over a shell w/ 3/4″ length sleeves, and a black skirt. I look forward to increasing my knitting skills even more with this beautiful top as my next challenge.

  • Well, my yarn is ordered and away we go. I haven’t knitted in a very long time, but this pattern looks very nice.

  • Hello I am Sharon . I am from Grottoes VA. This will be my first KAL. Looking forward to the challenge .

  • Hi, I’m Gemma from Adelaide SA, this is my first KAL and my first pattern with a chart to follow!

  • Looking forward to working on this great pattern. I’ve had my eye on it for some time and now that there is a KAL there’s absolutely no reason not to knit it up! Can’t decide yet what yarn I want to use, have some in my stash but may have to go shop for some specific to the project 🙂

  • Hello, all! this is my 2nd knit-along (the first was the Tree of Life afghan – have complete 3 of those!). Making this for me using a lovely periwinkle acrylic/merino blend for which I’ve been looking for a pattern. Ball band says it’s a worsted weight but I had to go up to Sz. 10.5 needles to get the correct gauge. So glad I took the time to swatch!

  • I tend to get in on the Knit-Alongs after they’re finished. When I saw that this pattern was chosen, I grabbed green yarn from my stash and made it up–took me just a couple of days–a few hours each day. I got ahead–whoops! Maybe I’ll grab a burgundy and make another.

    • good for you! Any hints, since you’ve already got through it?

  • Good morning,

    My name is Lise from New Smyrna Beach, FL, this is my first KAL. I will be using

    Vanna’s Choice “Seaspray Mist”. Great to see people from around the world

    working on this project. Happy Knitting.

  • Hi, I’m Gail from Park Ridge, I’ll. Jordansgrammie on Ravelry.
    This will be my first KAL, and first time using a chart. a little nervous, but determined. I am so bad at computer stuff, this little note was challenging.
    Can’t wait to receive my yarn and start my guage. Just finished Twin trees throw last night, so I’m ready. Happy knitting everyone!

  • Hi, my name is Iana and I think I’ll brave myself and join this KAL. I’m from Pati, Indonesia.

  • Hi, I’m Nicole from the Netherlands. I’d love to try and make this tank top but am unable to start now (and also have a holiday coming up as well). If I start in June and have trouble getting along, would it be possible to ask questions in the specific blog posts?

  • Hello Fellow knitters, my Name is Lisa (ladybug001 on Ravelry) from Toronto, ON Canada and I’m joining this KAL. I’ve done a few KALs and CALs before, but this is my first top. I’ve had my eye on this top for a while now, and ironically I had bought some Vanna’s choice yarn in Michael’s when it was on sale…and ironically it was the perfect amount. So this was truly meant to be… 🙂

  • Would love to Knit Along, but I am bigger than your tank top. Are there any instructions for someone who wears a size 26-28 in regular clothes?

  • Hi!
    I’m Patricia from New Zealand – my first KAL (I’ve seen many, but this is the first one I’ve seen that I think I will enjoy wearing). If it doesn’t fit me, well I guess it will be a gift for the many girls in the family!
    I’m de-stashing – well that’s the idea anyway, and I have these gorgeous cottons that come from Switzerland that have been in my stash for years – time to give them an airing I think.
    Thanks for all the advice on yarn substitution, much appreciated!

  • My name is Laura and this is my first knit along. Looking forward to the inspiration to finish a project.

  • I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and this is my first KAL. I was greatly disappointed in the pattern choice; it is not attractive at all. I want to learn the techniques though, so I will muddle through.

  • I’m looking forward to my first knit along. I’m sure I’ll learn some good tips from you all!

  • Got yarn, hopefully I can keep up the first few weeks, I teach school and this is a crazy time of the year. I am sue from texas

  • Hi I am Sarah from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada….wow what a mouthful! Although I’m going to have a adjust the pattern gauge so that the top will fit either my daughter or me, I’m excited to join the group and knit this pretty vest.

  • I am Bracken. I have not really knitted anything for about 10 years so altho` I am an experienced knitter historically, I am a beginner as well. The top will be for me tho` I may add sleeves since do not tend to wear Tank type tops. I am from Rugby, UK and this is my first knit along.

  • I’m Kimberly & I’m in Santa Cruz in California. Not my first KAL but its been 5+ years.

  • Hi, I’m Joanie
    This will e my first –I’ll try to keep up, but I’m a caregiver for my hsband, so my time isnot my own.
    I’m from Estes Park CO

  • Hi my name is Cindy and this will be my first KAL. I usually do crocheting but am looking forward to trying my hand at knitting. Hope it goes well.

  • Debbie from Buffalo NY my first KAL making the top for myself.

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  • My name is Annette from Orient, OH. I started this project on my own a couple weeks ago but thought I would try this to join along and share others ideas.

  • […] and needed another one…another one came along! Last week Lion Brand Yarn started their online knit-a-long. The project is a gorgeous spring/summer tank top that can be worn over a […]

  • Hi- I’m Sandy (purrfectknitter on Ravelry and Craftsy). Living in Baja,Calif, Mexico. This is a great top for our weather, warm during the day and cooler at night. I’m working in Cotton-Ease, color cactus. Having a problem getting the guage I want but I should be starting today.

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  • sux i cant knit only crochet

    • Hi Georgana, check back later this summer for our next crochet-along, or click on “Crochet-Along” under “Categories” in the right-hand bar of the blog to see past projects and get tips!

  • So I just got my yarn for this project- I’ve chosen Recycled Cotton and I’m completely happy with my yarn choice! This is wonderful to work with- and let me add that I’m also so happy that I spent a little extra on bamboo needles. They’re awesome! I’ve only had a few minutes to work on this since I started it yesterday & I’m already 1/2 way through my 9″ of ribbing. (I am NOT a fast knitter). 🙂

  • This will be my first KAL too, like many others of you. I thought it is not too big a project to take on. I’m looking forward to it. I am from Melbourne, Australia. I hope I’m not too late joining up.



  • Hi, This is Elvira from Maryland. I’ve been wanting to make this top. It’s so pretty. This is my first KAL and I’m happy my favorite knitting teacher, Heather, is hosting it. 🙂 I chose Cotton Ease in cherry color. Just started on Saturday.

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  • Hi! I am Juliet from Pensacola, Fl. I gave up knitting about a year ago because of arthritic fingers and general ineptitude. KAL sounds like fun and I have never knit in a group. I am game to give it a go! I will try to use up some of my huge stash of yarn and give the sweater to whomever it fits. I have a young hip skinny friend who would look good in a pillowcase–In fact, we just made her a couple of pillowcase dresses. She loves wearing the knee length, long, long- sleeved cardigan with the lopsided front that I tried to knit without a pattern. Wish me luck!

  • I’m Kathy (kmoss7 on Ravelry) and I live in Missoula, MT. This will be my first KAL., I better shop for yarn. I think I have the yarn in my stash already. I love lion brand yarn. Looking forward to go beyond socks.

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