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Join Our Spring Knit-Along Featuring the… Spring Lace Shawl!

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Join Our Spring Knit-Along Featuring the… Spring Lace Shawl!

Each season we host a crochet- or knit-along, a virtual event in which yarncrafters come together here online to work on one pattern together, share their experiences, and to learn together. There’s no need to sign up! Simply follow along with the blog posts at your own pace as you knit your project, and feel free to share your comments and/or photos as you progress. KAL_BADGE_2014
81058adaWe asked you to vote on what knit project you’d like to make, and you picked our Spring Lace Shawl! Almost 6,000 of you voted, and we’re so excited to knit-along with you.Click here to download the pattern for the Spring Lace Shawl and click here to get the kit in Kelly Green or in Silver Blue (free shipping for a limited time).

To get this knit-along going, this week is about gathering your materials so that we can jump right in the week of April 7th. This lovely shawl is made in our Vanna’s Choice yarn, a versatile, easy-care, acrylic worsted-weight yarn that comes in a huge assortment of stunning colors. If you’re more in the mood for a cotton blend, Cotton-Ease is a great substitute, and will be light and lovely as the temperatures get warmer.

As with any yarn substitution, you’ll also need to figure out how many skeins of the yarn of your choice the pattern will require. Here are the number of balls for our other recommended yarns:

Yarn OS
Vanna’s Choice 12 skeins
Cotton-Ease 12 skeins

Click here for our FAQ on substituting yarns.

Starting the week of April 7th, our KAL host Grace DiLorenzo will be posting her progress through the lace shawl project, with updates coming every Thursday. You’ll know it’s a dedicated KAL blog post when you see our special badge in the upper right-hand corner of the post. Don’t forget to join our Ravelry group for this KAL as well!

In the meantime, please introduce yourself below–let us know who you are, where you’re from, and who you’re making this top for!

About Grace: Grace DiLorenzo has been knitting for the last 10 years. What started as a hobby quickly grew into a passion. Her favorite things to make are garments and lace. As a teacher at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in New York City she has been able to share her love of yarn crafting teaching beginning through advanced knitting and yarn dyeing classes. She has lead the first four in studio knit alongs and is excited to do it again! grace_200px
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  • This looks lovely. I have never done a KAL so I think I will try this one!

  • I’ve never knitted before but I have crochet for a long time. Is this pattern something a beginner can make? Thanks Abby

    • Hi Abby, this is an intermediate pattern -if you understand the stitches that are indicated in the pattern, you should be fine. I would suggest starting with this recent blog post regarding sources that can help one get started: – keep close and let me know if I can help with any questions. Grace will be here to assist soon too!

  • My name is Susette. I live in beautiful Tennessee. I am going to make this for my 82 year young Mom. I actually ordered the green yarn yesterday and can’t wait for it to arrive

  • I have made a shawl similar to this using Vanna’s Choice in the Terracotta and it came out gorgeous.

    • Gayle, that’s great – please feel free to chime in if you have advice.

  • I can’t wait to get started. Will choose my yarn tomorrow. Haven’t decided on a color yet. What’s everyone else doing?

    • What color did you choose?

      • I chose Espresso …. or a deep chocolate brown

  • I’d love to make this shawl in Cotton Ease, but I don’t want to use 4 strands of yarn. Is it possible to make it with just 1 Strand?

    • Hi, Grace here. Yes you can certainly customize this pattern by using one strand of Cotton Ease. A couple things to consider, you will probably want to use a smaller needle. You can do some swatching to find what size will work the best for you. Also, with a smaller needle and just one strand the project will come out smaller, so you may want to add a couple pattern repeats in to make it wider. Just cast on any multiple of 16 + 1.

      • Thanks. I just finished knitting a vest in Cotton Ease using #7 needles but I think I’ll try #8 or 9. I’ll have to make swatches to decide on width. I had bought this yarn on sale and I was looking for a project to use it. The color is cactus.

  • I’m thinking about using a variegated yarn or one with “speckles” like the wheat or barley color of Vanna’s Choice. I’ve never tried this with 4 strands. Any opinions on how it would look, or do I just need to try it?

    • Along this line, can one use a bulky yard instead of 4 strands?

      • Sure you can! This is a good Idea if you just want to focus on the pattern and not worry about juggling so many balls of yarn.

    • When working in lace I usually prefer to work with solid color yarn so it doesn’t distract from the pattern. However I think the wheat and the barley are subtle enough that either would look great!

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  • My name is Regina from Logan, Utah. I will be using Lion Brand Homespun yarn (1 strand…3 skeins) on a size 13 cabled needle. I don’t know if the gauge will be exactly the same as the pattern but think it should be close enough. 🙂

    • Thanks for the suggestion…..I am going to go this way also. Hoping the bulky yarn will work and achieve the same look.

      • Is a cabled needle the same as a circular?

        • They aren’t the same. A cable needle is used to hold the stitches during the twist of a cable and then you knit them off the cable needle. A circular needle is dues to make seamless hats, sweaters, etc…

          • Nicole – You are spot on in your definitions of a cable needle and a circular needle of course.

            However, I also wonder whether Regina was talking about a circular needle in the post just above, when she said she will be using a size 13 cabled needle for this project. First of all cable needles usually do not have numeric sizes because they are basically stitch holders that open at both ends. Second I do not see any logical way to knit this project in Homespun using only a single cable needle.

            Any of us can slip up and use the wrong word accidentally, and I think Anne was just double checking to make sure which one Regina meant in the original post. A size 13 circular needle obviously makes a lot of sense for knitting this project in a single strand of Lion Brand Homespun, but a size 13 cabled needle for knitting this application confuses me.

      • I find it hard to see stitches when knitting with Homespun yarn. It might also be difficult to see a lace pattern on it. It’s not easy to unknit and reknit this yarn if you make a mistake as it splits easily. You really have to swatch before starting to see how it’s working for you.

        • Irene – I have knit a lot with Homespun and never had a problem frogging it. I do not use super sharp needles, and I do not hold a tight tension when I am knitting it. If I use sharp pointed needles, or if I draw it tight, then I do have problems just like you described. There areother yarns where sharp pointed needles help enormously. There are many slick slippery yarns where keeping a tight tension helps. If you run into either of those situations frequently with yarns you use more often than you use Homespun, then it does not make sense for you to modify the techniques that work well for you just so you can occasionally use Homespun more easily.

          But some people who use Homespun with different style needles or a different tension may not have the same problems with it that you do.

          Each yarn asks something different from the knitter. That is why there are so many yarn choices. Most knitters have a particular style that they prefer, and so they pick a yarn that works with their style. A few of us knitters are so crazy about knitting that we choose to learn how to adapt the style that best fits the yarn, and if you ever have trouble with a particular yarn you are using and don’t feel like giving up and doing something different, it is always worth asking in your knitting groups or online, “Hey has anyone had any luck in keeping Homespun from splitting?” or “How do I keep this silk bamboo blend from sliding off the needles all the time?” Someone knows, and will enjoy sharing their discovery with you.

    • Great idea – and I just happen to have a bag full of Homespun in shades of blue! Perfect!

    • Three skeins is much more doable for me than 12! lol, I’m thinking I’m going to go this way too.

  • Hi, I’m Bonnie and I’m from Wisconsin. I’ve never participated in a KAL, but would like to make this in CottonEase for myself in a light grey or silver color. We have an outdoor wedding this summer and I think this would be just a little something to have as the evening approaches. I’ve never done a multi-strand projects, so not sure I’ll actually do a 4-strand. I think I’d rather stick to 2 strands and add some beads for sparkle.

    • That sounds great! I can’t wait to see how it comes out!

  • I am interested in joining. I don’t think I’ll use Vanna – maybe Cotton-Ease instead. I don’t have enough of any one color in my stash – OH NO I’ll have to go shopping!!!

    I do have three skeins of Homespun in Green, so that might be a possibility as well. Either way, looking forward to a good knit. I’m thinking – yellow???

  • I have never done one of these. Sounds like a great idea. I am new to knitting, have crocheted for years. I will have to check my stash.

  • I’ve never done a KAL either. I’d like to try this, but I wonder…this is called a shawl, but it looks more like a long sweater with sleeves. I’d like it to be a long sweater with sleeves, rather than a shawl. Does anyone know for certain?

  • I also wondered about this shawl’s shape because the photo is misleading. I read the instructions and it’s definitely a rectangle. It also seems to me that 12 skeins of yarn will make this shawl rather heavy.

    • Thanks Irene, duh, I should have looked closer at the pattern. I’ll have to wait for another KAL, not really wanting a shawl 🙂 Animal Houseshoes

      • Try making the pattern with just one strand and fewer skeins and a smaller needle and it could be a very pretty light weight scarf that you can wear indoors if the room is a little chilly.

        Or make it with one strand one repeat wide and use it as a decorative table runner.

        Or use a fingering weight yarn one repeat wide on very small needles and make book markers.

        Any rectangle can become a wide number of things, so if you feel like doing this KAL, and know something that you might want to knit a rectangle for, I can suggest a weight of yarn you might want to consider and help you figure out how wide and long to make it.

        Or if that sounds like too much work, maybe you have some yarn in you stash that you could use to make a swatch, just so you can try out the pattern for fun.

        Or not, if none of that sounds interesting.

  • I’ve had this pattern in my favorites list for almost a year – now I have a reason to actually jump in and work on it …. yay! I won’t be using 4 strands either, as I’d like this to be lighter and cooler. I’ll look through my stash to see what I have that will work. Heaven knows I have plenty of Lion Brands to choose from! B-)

  • Will be picking my yarn out tomorrow. Excited to get started. I have been knitting since age 5, now 55!! Still absolutely love my knitting needles and new yarn!

  • Pretty shawl! It’s been a long time since I knit a lace pattern so this will be fun. Not sure which yarn I’ll use, but definitely one strand. Time to go check my stash.

  • Susan Bell from Kamloops, BC, Canada here. I’ve decided to join this KAL in hopes of actually finishing a project in a reasonable length of time! I do eventually finish, but the child has likely grown out of it by then : o . My downfall is having to get every new idea I have onto needles or hook immediately ! I’m looking forward to feeling part of a group with a single goal, lol. This pattern is ideal for my prayer shawl group, too. Thanks!

  • Just bought my yarn in Dusty Blue. Little nervous about the whole project but willing to try.

  • Have gone through my collection of yarn and have decided to use wool ease thick and quick in claret…..have 4 skein should be enough to finish the project. Will go with one strand. Looking forward to this to this kal.

    • Anne, I bought the same yarn to match a skirt! Have you decided what size needles you will use? I was going to experiment tonight but if you know it will save me the time.

  • Hi my name is Laura and I have never participated in a KAL so this should be fun. I am thinking of using fall colors…something that I can wear with jeans. Looks like a shawl for sitting around the campfire OR dressy enough for an evening out.

  • This is a wonderful knit that I would like to join in on. I’m thinking a gorgeous spring green would be awesome. Yarn shopping. Yay!

  • I’ve never done a KAL but there’s always a first time. The pattern is lovely. I will dive into my closet to find some yarn…I might try homespun. Thanks

  • Jan from Wiltshire UK I’m using a chunky yarn – is 300G right ?

    • When estimating the yarn amounts for a project I like to use the length rather than the weight if the information is available. Around 470 meters should be a good amount.

  • This looks lovely. I’ve also never done a KAL. Can’t wait to get started.I think I’ll make this one for myself.

  • hi I have never done anything like this before- this shawl is beautiful. I love knitting but I have not ventured out with many projects beside, scarfs, cowls and blankets. I would love to give this a try. I don’t know how or where to begin please help, hope this is not a silly question-also will the cotton ease stretch if I choose that

    • hi im nervous to try this as I have never done anything with a lace pattern? I have only done knit and purl and decreases- please somebody whats your thoughts is this very difficult- also how to I get started to follow along if I decide- I have no clue and need some assistance for the first time thanks for your help

      • Hi Lori Lee, if you’re up for trying, we’re up for helping. It can get a little complicated with these two stitches, ssk and sk2p – I would advise reviewing those in particular.

        sk2p Sl 1 as if to knit, knit 2 together, pass slipped stitch over—2 sts decreased.

        ssk (slip, slip, knit) Sl next 2 sts as if to knit, one at a
        time, to right needle; insert left needle into fronts of these 2 sts
        and knit them tog.

        Did you buy your yarn yet?

        • Hi know I have not bought the yarn yet= I have tons of yarn in my stash though what type do I need and how many
          I know what ssk is – slip slip knit
          so the other one is sk2p what does this stand for I will check these out and see if I feel comfortable before I decide
          also is there a video that we knit together or how does this work- so sorry but I have no clue
          thanks for your time

          • Here is an FAQ for substituting yarn: and sk2p stands for “Slip, knit two together, pass slip stitch over” – we stay in touch via this blog, new posts every week. There is also a Ravelry group, link in the post above.

          • Hi again- please don’t get sick of me
            if I were to order the yarn what color is great and neutral but classy also how to I join into the blog if I join this- I have never used a blog before I bet u are thinking wow what is she? sorry im just new

          • Vanna’s Choice comes in several neutral colors, beige, taupe, linen and more – have a look: – also to follow along, this link will always have the most recent knit-along post:

          • ok BUT my question is
            so there is not a tutorial or a video like a knit along?
            we just knit on our own and come to the blog site for a question?? please help

          • also do we go at our own pace or is there a step to follow every day

          • would homespun work for this project

          • Several people are planning to use Homespun for this project, either one strand on size 11 (US) needles to make a slightly smaller shawl or two strands on the recommended size needles for the project which should produce a similar size shawl to what you would get with four strands of Vanna’s Choice. Either one should result in a lovely shawl. Because Homespun is a moderately textured yarn the lace will not be quite as sharply defined as it would look with an untextured yarn, but should still be very attractive. Try it and see whether you like it.

        • sorry I meant NO I have not — silly typo also if I decide how to I get started and then how does it work

  • Super excited to join this! This will be my first intermediate level project, so I hope it goes well.

  • Hi! This is my first KAL but I love the look of this pattern but I think I might use something thicker in a single strand from my stash.

  • I can’t wait, my only KAL has been a dishcloth.

  • I knit for the Prayer Shawl Ministry at my church. We make shawls for anyone who might need one — illness, grief, or just plain having a hard time, whether they are church members or not. This shawl will be a beautiful addition to our collection.. However, since I have 2 that I am working on now, this one will be next. I, too , will use a bulkier yarn.

  • This will be my very first KAL! I’m thinking of going with either coral (if cotton) or grey. The yarn options aren’t super great where I am in the UK. The only Aran option I could find locally is 4ply. I guess I could get it online but I’m too excited and want to start asap. Hopefully it won’t affect the outcome too much!

  • Hi, I’m excited to get started. I’m terrible at finishing projects, so decided that maybe this KAL will help me have something wearable. I have been knitting for almost 10 years and only have scarfs, hats, and many socks without their companions. I bet it will feel like being at school and needing to have to do my homework, lol….

  • Since “signing up” for this KAL, I have followed the discussion about 4 strands of worsted versus 1 strand of bulky, and I experimented with a few types of yarn, which has me wondering how much the 4 strands go into creating the effect of the overall pattern. Any thoughts on this possibility?

    • If you look at the picture of the shawl you will see that the four strands do give a textured effect to the yarn that is pretty and adds to the design and it may be worth it to you at your current skill level to put in the extra effort of working with four strands. It will be worth it to me next time I have the money to buy more yarn, but I don’t have any worsted weight yarn in a color I would want to use in my stash that is not already earmarked for something else. So in order to do it while the KAL is active I will use a Chunky weight yarn in a single strand on a smaller version of the pattern to make a lace scarf. Then having mastered the lace pattern, I will buy enough worsted weight yarn and make the four stranded shawl.

      As you suspect, minor changes do make a change in the result. And it is important to think about whether those changes matter to you. It is also important to think about how much of a challenge you are comfortable handling. Then you choose. Using two small balls of a chunky yarn will make a small scarf instead of a big shawl, and I won’t have as much fine detail. So it is sort of a swatch of the pattern. It is a usable test run, with substantial differences from the finished product, but it gets me a chance to practice one part of the skills I will eventually use to make my shawl.

      Have you decided yet what yarn you plan to use the first time you do this?

      • I’m using a 100% merino yarn from Argentina that I happened to have enough of in my stash. It’s very soft and slightly lighter than the weight of Vanna’s Choice, so it’s very easy to work with. I don’t like working with circular needles, so I’ve had a wonderful woodworker named Sam in Montana make special long needles for me in various sizes. Lucky me! Lol

  • I’m going to try this. I live on social security so I happened to find some Vanna’s Choice yarn in a color called Cambridge on sale for $6.60 for a 3-skein pack. I had to order 5 packs (15 skeins) to get enough yardage for the shawl. Also ordered a #19 Dreamz Circular needle since that was one size I didn’t have. It was a bit cheaper than the Lion Brand needle and it’s not plastic. I don’t usually wear shawls but this looks long enough that I should work for a plus-size woman like myself.

  • This will be my first KAL. Can’t wait!

  • Since this will be part of a blog can we go back and watch/get help later? I know the basics: cast on, knit, purl, alternating between the two, and casting off, but need help with directions of pattern specific stitches.

    • me too- I am with you on this- I posted a question a few days ago asking the same thing I have yes to get a response

    • Hi sew stitchy, we’ll stay as close to all the comments as best as we can, but your best tactic will be to pose your questions/comments on the most recent KAL post here at this blog. (or check in with this KAL’s group on Ravelry, link in post above)

      I mentioned the following to Lori Lee: It can get a
      little complicated with these two stitches, ssk and sk2p – I would
      advise reviewing those in particular.

      sk2p Sl 1 as if to knit, knit 2 together, pass slipped stitch over—2 sts decreased.

      ssk (slip, slip, knit) Sl next 2 sts as if to knit, one at a
      time, to right needle; insert left needle into fronts of these 2 sts
      and knit them tog.

      • I have a lot of homespun, will this work” im not good at substitution,gauge calculations=please help- if this yarn will work how many strand will I be knitting with? one or two? also will I use the same needle- please let me know asap otherwise I will have to order the kit

        • Homespun would be a good choice for this project. In fact it seems that quite a few people have it in mind. If you want to use size 19 needles I would suggest using 2 strands. This would take about 1020 yards of yarn which would be 6 balls of Homespun.

          • I am going to use the homespun yarn size 11 needle using one strand
            do u think this will work if so will I c/o amount that pattern calls for

        • I plan to use homespun with size 11 needles one strand 3 skeins as needed.

          • Hi Ruth, thanks for sharing this info with me-so using size 11 needles will I use only one strand? thanks for helping me

          • Hi Lori , yes I’ll be using one strand, size 11 needles and I have three skeins of homespun. This yarn is thick so I think it will work. We’ll see, I hope it does.:) it’s my first KAL so I’m looking forward to see how it’s done.

          • Hey Ruth,, thanks I will do the same I have 6 skeins of homespun so I do have plenty- I was told in a previous message to use two strands with the needle that the pattern calls for? so im not sure which way to go- its kind of hard to get an accurate answer if you ask me on this blog from Lion Brand, it seems very vague- so keep in touch with me and good luck

          • HI Ruth, will you be casting on the amount of stitches as the pattern calls for?

          • Yes I will cast on 33 stitches. I guess you can add more if you wants it wider. I bet the kAL will show us how to do that if we ask. It’s my first time too.

          • Hey Ruth- im glad u and I are communicating! haha we might get somewhere– thanks for all your input- ok so you say your piece is about 15 inches– how do u feel is that wide enough for a wrap= I will wait to hear from you before I get started today? and again thank you

          • I’m glad we chat too,haha. Yes this shawl is coming out perfect as a wrap. I don’t like oversized wraps unless it winter. I’m a size 1x and I’m very pleased with it. Of course it don’t mean you will like it. Happy knitting!

      • Hi Danielle, I see a few people are interested in using homespun yarn- if we were to use a size 11 needle will it work using one strand

        • A size 11 needle will work with one strand of Homespun, and make a very pretty shawl, but somewhat smaller than the shawl that you would get if you made it with two strands of Homespun and size 19 needles. Some people like the smaller version, some people like the bigger version that you would get if you use two strands and size 19 (US) needles. The bigger version will make a relatively big shawl. The smaller version will make a slightly smaller than average shawl. Either one should be lovely. Good luck.

  • Hi, I’m in West Haven, CT. I’ve never done a KAL before and I’m inspired to do this one. SO lovely! I’m in! Getting my yarn now. Looking forward to it. Thanks for offering this.

  • Hi everyone! I’m Sherry and from Fort Worth, TX. This is my first KAL. I have wanted to join one but was always afraid I would not keep up with the group. I like this shawl and think it would go perfectly with a skirt I already own. I always make something for others and believe this is the first I have made for myself!

  • Hi, I’m Dot, and I am a native of and living in Louisville, Kentucky. This is beautiful and goes well with the new spring dresses that I just acquired! I look forward to knitting right along in green to go with my “smiling Irish eyes.” (which are really hazel, lol)

  • Hi. Susan from Newfoundland Canada here.. Going to try my first KAL! The shawl looks like a nice pattern but I think I’ll use a worsted weight with size 8 needles and an extra repeat or two. I have some orange wool in my stash but I wonder if I (or anyone I gift it to) would wear orange.. Lol

  • Hi, I’m Marianne, I live in snowy Minnesota (we got 7.5 inches last night and today). I’m hoping this shawl will be nice for my daughter while she’s off at college. I have a black speckled yarn for her, then she can wear any color shirt with it. Can’t wait to start.

  • Hi! I’m excited to join this KAL. My first. The shawl is so gorgeous. Quick question. Unless I’ve missed it, I don’t see anywhere in the pattern instructions where it tells how many stitches to cast on. Thanks. 😉

    • With 4 strands of yarn held together, cast on 33 sts. Work in Lace st
      until piece measures about 90 in. (228.5 cm) from beginning, end with a
      Row 1 of Lace St.. Bind off.

      • Aha! Thank you. So are we knitting from 4 skeins of yarn at once? Won’t they get tangled?

        • Hi Marie,

          When I work with more than one skein at a time, I combine the skeins into a ball before I begin. After I roll the ball, I put it in a large empty pretzel container that I have put a whole in the lid. This way the yarn stays clean, the ball doesn’t roll away, and there are no tangles:)

          • Great idea! But, uh oh…now I’m confused again. How do you roll 4 skeins into a ball and still have all 4 ends available for knitting without the strands all getting tangled?

          • Hi, Hopefully this link will work. Here are some pictures showing what I suggested. In the pictures I am using two strands of yarn, but you can use more or less as desired with the same effect. It keeps the yarn clean and tangle free.

  • Can’t wait to start this KAL. I’m from Michigan, so this wrap will be perfect. I have a handmade shawl pin purchased from Etsy that will work great. I couldn’t find 12 skeins of Vanna at any of the stores I went to, so, unfortunately, I had to purchase another brand.

    • I ordered mine through Amazon. 😉

  • My supplies arrived on Friday! Looking forward to the challenge.

  • Hi, Kim from just thawing out Maine here. I have just checked all of the comments so far and will probably try with the Homespun one strand with size 11 needles. I have been frustrated by other lace patterns before so I hope with everyone’s input, I can finally make a beautiful piece.

  • Hi, I am from New Jersey, and this is my first KAL. I have been knitting and crocheting since I was 5 years old, but never get tired of it. I love to try new things!

  • Hi my name is Sarah, I`ve never joined the KAL before and I would love too but my schedule does not allow this at this time can you tell me when the next KAL class will start so I can work it in next time around.

  • Hi – my yarn should arrive today. This is a little more advanced than I have done. But I am excited to try!

  • I haven’t knitted in a while, but this looked so good I had to try it. I have the yarn & needles now but going to try the pattern with my leftovers yarn bag for a bit to get used to the stitches & needles. I tend to be tight until I get the pattern down so I dont want to mess up the good yarn with too much unraveling & such

  • Well here is my beginning. I’ve done three sets of eight rows. It looks like the pattern is already showing:)

    • yay looks pretty- like the color of your homespun yarn- so are u using the size 11 with 33 cast on– whats the width of this please

      • Yes, I’m using size 11needles and one strand homespun. The color is actually prettier than the pic…it’s called Corinthian…a beautiful multi red.

        • Looks very pretty, I have a color called New England, not really what I wanted, but that’s what was in my stash! ok so this is exactly what im going to use then- thanks so much- it seems to be a nice size width?
          I really like the way yours is looking.. Whats the width on it? seems like it will work good

        • Oops sorry I thought I mentioned that it’s approximately 15 inches wide…without stretching .

        • Very pretty colourway, Ruth!

      • Oops forgot…it’s about 15 inches wide without stretch or block.

        • thank you again! looks great! sounds like just the right size and not too heavy– perfect, I guess I have to get over my nerves and just go for it!

          • Lol you just have to go for it. How long have you been knitting? This pattern is very easy since it only has 2 stitches you really have to be careful you do right. ssk and sk2p. Also, every so often check your stitches you need to have 33 throughout. I’ll be posting more pics later. My son borrowed my laptop for school so I’m at library. Hope you get started. This is my first KAL too. I’m learning as I go.

  • I have never done a KnitALong (KAL) before, but I came across two where I really liked the pattern in the same week, so I am trying both of them. I am going to do this one in a boucle yarn in size 6 (Chunky or Super Bulky) in a bluish green probably with a 13 or 15 needle and either one or two repeats to make a lacey scarf for now. I have the yarn in my stash and have been looking for a project to use it on. That will let me make sure that I am doing the pattern correctly while I have other people working on it too who can answer questions if I have any.

    Later on I plan to come back and do it with four strands of WoolEase in four different colors of blue and green, sage, blue heater, seaspray, and fisherman. I plan to do the whole full size shawl, just as specified, and I am hoping that the four colors will not obscure the lacy effect. If that much color does distract from the pattern, I will either choose colors that are closer to each other or two strands each of two colors or something similar depending on what I can do that will give me some color interest as well as a clear lace pattern. And I would then use those four colors of WoolEase with a different pattern. Half the fun of knitting for me is trying things out until I find the colors and textures and patterns that work together the way I have in mind. I love that there are so many alternate ways of making things out of yarn.

    • Me, too! : )

  • Following Ruth’s lead, I am also sharing after 3 sets of the pattern. I wanted to follow the description as closely as possible for the first shawl, and I found a soft, supple yarn in my stash that cooperates comfortably with 4 strands on large needles. The width is 17 inches unstretched, so not far off the one-strand Homespun. When this one is done, though, I will try one in a single strand as so many others are doing, but with 49 stitches.

  • {rtf1ansiansicpg1252

  • Yoiks! Is there an easier way to post a picture?? Lol

    • Lol when you find out let me know…so I can do it myself.

  • By the way I live in North Dakota, so it is very rewarding to knit here. Lots of chances to wear nice warm clothing. We still have snow on the ground and last week we had about a foot of snow in one storm. I have only been knitting about five years now, but I tend to knit a lot, both at home and most places I go, including on car rides, buses, trains, planes, waiting in lines, waiting in doctors offices and other waiting rooms, in class, talking with friends, even sometimes in odder places. For new knitting challenges I am likely to knit where there are fewer distractions, but for simple patterns I can knit in the dark too, and without those cute knitting needles with lighted tips, although those are fun too.

  • Hi. My name is Patty. I learned to crochet and knit when I was a kid. But i took more to crochet. I know basic knit and purl stitches and I thought I’d like to try to perfect my knitting. I’m hoping with this blog I can get the assistance I need to get through any parts I get stuck on. I also have a friend who knits a ton, so I have someone I can go it if needed. I’m excited to see how far I get.

  • Thanks Sue…my son put up the pic for me. I’ll have another soon I can get my son to cooperate:)

  • Thanks Susan, yours look lovely too. I will try another later with more stitches for a wider shawl. This one is to use now when the AC is too high at church. 🙂

  • When you start to type a comment there is a box that opens under the comment box with a little rectangle in it with a funny shape in it – if you hover your mouse over the frame with the teensy picture inside the words “upload an image” appear next to it. Click on this box and follow the directions to upload the image. I am using FireFox as my browser but I can try it out with Internet Explorer, Safari, and Google Chrome if anyone needs to find out if it works in those browsers too.

    This is a picture of two strands of Homespun Thick and Quick (not regular Homespun) knit on size 19 needles, showing that two strands of Homespun Thick and Quick is pretty thick for knitting double on these size needles and probably would not work well for defining lace, although I haven’t yet tried knitting lace with these yarns on these needles. I was doing a swatch for a very heavy weight winter sweater for wearing in North Dakota, one of the coldest states in the lower 49. Yes Alaska has places that get a lot colder than here. None of the other states do.

    I posted this just to make sure that my directions for how to post pictures are correct.

    • Thanks, Kit. I’ll try that. I couldn’t get photo and text to post together, and I still don’t know what I did to finally get the photo to upload–just kept pushing buttons!

      • You are welcome. Looks very pretty!

    • P.S., Kit, I feel for you in your cold state! Here in BC, I have my windows open all day already! Touch wood.

      • Tomorrow it should be warm enough for that here too. I have only lived in ND about three years, but I actually enjoy the climate here most of the time. You just have to be prepared to dress for it. If you don’t dress for it and listen to weather reports frequently, you can be in big trouble, but if you are prepared and moderately careful, it can be a fine place to live.

        I have heard wonderful things about the weather in BC before now too, and other wonderful things about BC. I would love to visit there someday.

    • Thanks kit for the tip on posting pics…I finally did it without my sons help…yaaaay! 🙂

  • Well here I’m 3/4 ways along. I like what I see but next one I make ill c/o 49 stitches.

    • WOW!!!

    • Gorgeous. So glad you are now able to post your own pictures. And I love the subtle color shifts in Homespun that are enough to add interest but not enough to overwhelm the lace as the main feature. I think I will try Homespun in this pattern too at some point. I love using the same pattern in different yarns, and seeing how the same pattern varies in appearance in small ways with the changes in yarn and yet how it maintains many of its principal characteristics. That looks really special in those rich reds you picked.

    • why would you c/o 49 stitches? just want it wider
      I think its so pretty

      • Well I would like the next one a bit wider for chillier days. I’m also working on the Yolanda Lopez shrug in a homespun color “Montana Sky” blue. I might make this pattern in that blue color…it’s beautiful. Thanks…PS have you started yours yet?

        • Hey Ruth- your shawl looks great– no unfortunately I have not started mine- had lots of appointments out of town this week- my goal is to start it this weekend, keeping my fingers crossed!! now I am debating on how many to cast on?

  • Ruth- I really like the look of the homespun. I will have to try my second one in that yarn. I’m not that good with using different weight yarn than the pattern calls for. What size needle would you use if you used 2 strands of homespun? Maybe a 15? Also, how many skeins do you think you will use?


  • Hi Lynn…I probably would try a size 13 needles. Thanks

  • I cast on 17 stitches and worked the first 9 rows using size 15 (US) 10″ needles and one strand of a super bulky yarn. The 10″ needles kept me from spreading the work out fully for a picture, so I will probably knit them onto 14″ needles in the next 8 rows so I can get better pictures, but I wanted to post a couple of pictures of what I have managed so far. I am still not sure if I am doing it right. But the pictures probably are not good enough to tell.

    • Second picture, slightly different angle.

  • Okay now I am doing 17 Stitches Cast On Super Bulky on Size 15 14″ Needles so I can get a much better picture. I have completed 17 Rows or 2 Repeats plus a purl Row and it is beginning to look like the pattern!

  • How will we find the new blog article that is supposed to be coming out later today and every Thursday until our fearless leader is done? I don’t know very much about Blogs.

    I also signed into Ravelry and could not figure out how to find this KAL on there. Can anyone tell me a simple way to find whatever is on Ravelry for this KAL? I am willing to poke around if I have to, but it might help more than just me if someone could explain step by faltering step.

  • Okay I answered one of my questions. On Ravelry, look under groups, and there is a section for KALs and CALs and OALs (Other A Longs) and Lion Brand Spring Lace Shawl is listed, and you just click on it. I would not have thought to look under groups, because this seems to me more of an activity than a group, but now that I know that is where it is, putting it there makes sense in hindsight.

  • Am I too late to join?? I’ve been wanting to make a harder knitting project and this looks so cool

  • Another silly question….sorry I seem so confused about knitting with 4 skeins. Can I just cast on normally and knit one skein at a time? What is the advantage in knitting 4 skeins at once? It looks like from the photos that everyone is knitting the usual way, one skein at a time. If I use 4 at once, do I combine them into one – like a single big fat 4-strand strand – or drop and pick up each strand at a time? Seems to me that would take a lot more time. I feel like a total idiot on this.

    • Hi Marie! Yes, you knit the 4 strands as a “single big fat 4-strand strand” as you say, lol. This method creates a thick fabric knit on fat needles, and the 4 strands add an extra effect to the lace pattern, as well as knitting up quickly, once you get used to the fat needles. I suggest that you take your time at first to get used to keeping all the strands together. Marie gave us an excellent suggestion of winding 4 balls into one; that’s what I’m doing. I quite enjoy the “big knitting” experience. Good luck! (I’ll add a close-up picture.)

      • AHhh! Now I get it! I also went to your blog post and saw the picture with the ziplock bags. Ok, all makes sense now. LOL Fortunately, my skeins all arrived in their own plastic bags, so all I need to do is make a hole and pull out the ends. I’m going to throw them all into a knitting bag so I can tote it around with me. Yay! I’m all ready to get started! Thanks again for all your help and your patience.

    • 4 strands

    • Hi Marie, the advantage to knitting with 4 strands at once is that it forms a strand that is 4 times as thick. To do this take 4 balls of yarn and pull a strand from each of them and hold them all together. Once holding them all together you can work as you normally would, pretending that they are just one strand. There is a tip for how to keep them organized in this weeks post, check it out!

  • New post up today: “Spring Lace Shawl Knit-Along — Gauge Swatching”

  • Hope this one works, Marie! 4 strands

    • Susan – Beautiful knitting and a great picture showing the effect of using four strands.

      • Thanks Kit! I, too, wondered how we were going to find the host’s blog, but I guess we both stumbled into it through the “gauge swatch” link Danielle put up on the original blog.

  • My name is Sharon and I taught myself to knit several years ago with the LionBrand instructions. I have never done a KAL and, while I really like this pattern, this Spring will be crazier than some. I’m afraid I’ll not keep up with everyone. Can I work at my own speed and read the posts or must I officially join the group?

    • Hi Sharon, I tried to reply to your message, but it seems to have disappeared! Did you see anything from me, Susan Bell?

    • Hey Sharon, I hope you found out that you don’t have to register, you can join anytime, and you can indeed work at your own speed! : )

  • Hi, I’m a wee bit late getting started, but better late than never. 🙂 I have just a few minutes ago ordered my yarn…I tried to substitute another colour, but it didn’t work out., so I’m going with the lovely green. Thank you for your helpful suggestions and hints, I appreciate your efforts to help. Best wishes, Carol

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