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Jessica's Project: Make an Infinity Scarf/Cowl in Just a Few Hours

Cowl in ProgressJessica, one of our sales support associates in our NJ office, worked on a Tweed Stripes cowl for her cousin at the recent Craft & Hobby Association trade show, where Lion Brand exhibited earlier this month. She shared her inspiration for the cowl. As told to Zontee.

When I was home during Hurricane Sandy, I had made myself an infinity scarf, a long scarf that you can double around your neck, for myself out of the Mixed Berries color of Tweed Stripes. It's very warm and I get compliments (or requests!) every time I wear mine. In fact, it was so popular that all of my family members asked me to make them scarves too--I've already made seven, but the most requested color has been Mixed Berries.

Jessica in her finished cowl

It's double-crocheted long-ways back and forth through the back loop only, which creates a ridged look. It only takes about a ball-and-a-half of yarn to make. Then at the end, I seam up the two shorter ends to create the cowl.

It's a really easy project, and it doesn't take much time to finish. I finished this one here at the trade show over 3 days! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a quick gift to make. I can’t wait to give it to my cousin!

Editor's Note: If you want to make your own version of Jessica's cowl, chain about 180 with a K hook (adjust larger or smaller depending on how tight or loose a crocheter you are), double-crochet into the 3rd crochet from your hook and into each stitch thereafter, chain 3 and turn. In each of the subsequent rows, crochet into the back loops only, chain 3 and turn. Work about 6 rows (more or less depending on your preference for width). Seam the ends together. Voilà cowl!

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  • melodie

    I like the idea,Thank you

  • Mtnanaknits

    How long of a chain did you start with and how many rows? I love it and the Tweed Stripes,gotta go buy some tomorrow. Thx for sharing!

  • Gina P.

    What a beautful scarf! Would you mind sharing more details on how you made it, such as how long is your foundation chain, how many rows do you make? I love the color variations of the LB Tweed Stripes yarn and this design really showcases them. Thank you for sharing your idea with us all.

  • crtvcrlyn44

    This really great cowl patterns needs to be posted on the Lion Brand Website...so crochet enthusiasts would have access to the pattern!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Does anyone have a knit version or the Infinity Scarf? I would appreciate that as I do not

  • Elizabeth

    Does anyone have a knit version or the Infinity Scarf? I would appreciate that as I do not


    Did you use a K size crochet hook?

  • MommaDot

    What size hook was used?

  • chart

    Hook size please?

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  • mslizny

    I would like to connect the ends to begin with by making a big circle and then crocheting around until it is as wide as I like. Then it would be seamless

  • Ann

    Why can't the pattern be written straight forward? Eg: cast on ? st
    knit ? rows cast off ?? l find this site the worst for trying to get a pattern!