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It was the best of times, it was the Mooglyest of times.

One of the yarniverse's brightest stars, Moogly, has been getting up to so much amazing stuff that we couldn't even fit it all in to July. So without further ado...


Moogly has been remodeling her new craft room, and knew that the key to unlocking all of its magic crafty power was creating some sort of yarn-based talisman. Always on top of the hottest trends (even during the hottest months), Moogly wanted to take a crack at loom weaving, which has grown enormously popular. Behold Moogly's first weaving project...

Moogly made this gorgeous creation using a Martha Stewart Crafts® DIY Weaver™ Starter Kit, LB Collection Wool, and LB Collection Silk. You can see it's a short lil' guy (just enough to spark the magic of Moogly's new craft room!), so if you've got a craving for longer weaving, or if you are a giant living in a room with 20 foot ceilings, you'll also need the Extender Kit. 

DIY Weaver Supplies

Head over to Moogly for the full tutorial.

And if that wall hanging wasn't enough for your Moogly fix, check out her video tutorials about How to Crochet the Backstitch!

Check in with Moogly for more excitement to come this month, or just keep your eyes glued to The Notebook! We have so, so much more fun stuff in store and we can't wait to share it with you. Stay tuned!


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