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Blizzard Essentials

This is a guest post from Michelle Edwards–a life long knitter and the author/illustrator of many books for children including the 2006 Gryphon award winner, STINKY STERN FOREVER and CHICKEN MAN winner of National Jewish Book Award. Michelle lives in Iowa City, Iowa, with her husband and three daughters. She is a frequent contributor to the Lion Brand Weekly E-Newsletter.

Iowa City, Iowa - December 9, 2009 - When a blizzard hits your town, as one did here on Tuesday, it's good to be prepared. You should stock up on staples like milk, bread and eggs. It's a good idea to fuel up the snow blower, and inspect the state of your shovels. It's wise to keep candles and matches someplace handy. And if you are a knitter, you might like a new project or yarn to keep you company when you are snow bound.
My samples of Lion Brand's Amazing arrived last week but it wasn't until Monday night, when snow began to fall fast and furious, and fierce winds knocked tree branches against the side of our house, that I decided to give it try. As the world outside grew white, I delighted watching the heathered greens and purples stitch up on my needles. The subtle color changes and the softness of the yarn was calming as our life was slowed down to a stop, daily activities and school curtailed and cancelled.

A blizzard gives you a space to be reflective -- you aren't going anywhere. Sure there's shoveling to do, and meals to prepare, but the release from the daily grind makes it a perfect time to appreciate and enjoy an new yarn. And lucky for me, it was Amazing. Warm and beautiful, perfect for cold weather knitting. Give it a try!

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