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Introducing Threaded Comments on the Lion Brand Notebook!

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Introducing Threaded Comments on the Lion Brand Notebook!

One of the things we love best about this blog is that it gives us a chance to hear from YOU. With the crochet-alongs and knit-alongs, contests, questions, and all of the other fun posts that we share here, the Notebook has become a place for the Lion Brand community to gather online, share thoughts, and interact.

To help make that experience even better, you’ll notice that we now have threaded commenting (also known as “nested comments”) throughout the blog, meaning that you can reply directly to other people’s comments, “like” their comments, AND you can even get e-mail notifications when people respond to you, so you can stay in the loop! We think it will help make the conversations about each topic even more interesting and helpful by keeping related comments together.

How do you use it? Just click on the “comments” button on any blog post and scroll to the bottom, where you’ll see this:

You can log and comment with an existing account if you have Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, or Yahoo, and type in your comment, OR if you don’t use any of those services, you can simply fill in your info after you write your comment by clicking the “post as” box.

If you want to respond to someone’s comment, just click on the “reply” button under their comment, as shown below:

You can also click the “like” button found at the bottom of every blog post (and next to every comment) if you just want to give a nice shout-out to someone.

Finally, as you play with this new feature, we hope you’ll review our Rules of Engagement, our guidelines for interacting here on the blog. They state that all conversation on the Lion Brand Notebook should be open, friendly, and respectful; that comments should stay on topic; and that you should identify yourself (by name or pseudonym) when posting, so that others can identify you as a member of the community. For the complete Rules of Engagement, click here.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, and wish you happy commenting!

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  • Great new feature Lion Brand! That will make the conversation flow a bit better which will be GREAT for the KAL & CAL posts.

  • I have been using the Scarfie yarn lot #77524, so far in one skein there has been 3 knots and places where there is only a thread. It is so disappointing to be working on a project and have to fight with the yarn. I wouldn’ t been upset if it had been marked as seconds and I tried to use, but to pay full price and then not have quality yarn is upsetting. I have used your yarn alot and not had this problems before. I’m making scarves for my granddaughter to sell at a fundraiser for her band trip, so the effort I have put in with this skein is not saleable. .
    Please consider marking the skins that are in this shape as seconds ,so that we don’t a purchase for saleable projects.

    Thank you, Connie Riley

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