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Introducing Pinterest, a Great Resource for Crafters

Yarncrafting inspiration comes from so many different sources: colors, textures, drape, shapes, and more. Now there's a way to create a virtual moodboard: Pinterest, a fun social network that's a helpful resource for crafters.

Essentially, Pinterest allows you to curate different boards of images. This is perfect for bookmarking yarncrafting patterns, yarns you wish to purchase in the future, and motivational photographs. What I really love about Pinterest is that you can include a link to the original source, so you'll always be able to track down your inspiration.

On the Lion Brand Pinterest page, we've been pinning both traditional craft patterns and more whimsical photographs, like this amazing sheep manicure:

Pinterest sheep nails

I also have a particular affinity for classic Hollywood, so I've combined my love for film and yarncrafting into a board of actresses knitting and crocheting!

You can follow along with us by visiting our Pinterest page and clicking the "Follow All" button directly below our logo. We look forward to seeing what inspires you!

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