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Introducing A Year Of Ideas To Help You Shine Through!

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Introducing A Year Of Ideas To Help You Shine Through!

The Zodiac Window Display at Lion Brand Yarn Studio, our flagship studio in NYC.

We are creators. In our everyday lives, we prepare our own version of recipes for our families, plant colorful or edible gardens to fit our outdoor spaces, and of course knit, crochet and craft with yarn. We start with some basic components—a washable or exotic fiber in a range of heathers or brights that we couldn’t resist—and turn them into something completely our own.

With everything you make, you shine through.

From the colors you choose to the length of a scarf to the initials you embroidered on the baby blanket—the completely original way your knit or crochet creations unfold is how you share your own unique personality to the world.

In the coming year, we are going to celebrate your shining moments and share with you many ideas to customize and personalize everything you make so it perfectly suits the person you are making it for and in every way possible, you shine through in the finished piece.

In January we begin with a selection of scarves that are designed with a bit of magic.  The Zodiac scarves are the perfect personalized  birthday gift.  Each one is designed with colors based on the twelve signs of the Zodiac.  The colors were chosen to reflect the qualities that each sign is known for.

But, there is a lot more in store this year as we bring you scores of ideas for personalizing everything you knit and crochet.  With every stitch you make, we’ll help you shine through.

Please share with us in the comments, your favorite ways for customizing your hand knit and hand crocheted pieces.

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  • Light! A wonderful year ahead.

  • It sounds that the scarfs are going to be sensational,plus you always give us plenty of good ideas.Thank you. Happy n Prosperous New Year.

  • […] The symbol of Aquarius is the Water Bearer and Aquarians bring creativity and ideas into the world. As an Aquarius you like to make things your own. What a perfect way to start the year we’ve designated as “You Shine Through.” […]

  • Will you be listing what the colors represent? Currently it doesn’t say on the pattern.

    • I noticed that if you click on the Aquarious scarf blog post, it tells you in the blog post that the … “colors of the Aquarius scarf are the colors of water and creativity (purple).”

      • I couldn’t find the colours for Capricorn. Any suggestions?

  • I have such a very limited time to knit and watch a movie at home or a favorite TV program. When following a knitting pattern I have to stay focused on what I’m doing and dare not sneak a peak at the TV. I fixed this by going to the library and checking out books on tape. I now can listen to my favorite book, and stay focused on my knitting.
    This is my year to some new and many completions of started but not finished knitting projects.

    • I started a book on tape that I mostly listened to going back and forth to work. We went on vacation before I finished, Since I did not want my husband to have to listen to the last of a book in a genre he wasn’t interested in, I finished it in print. That’s when I learned that I actually prefer books on tape. And can leave my hands and eyes free for knitting.

    • I also like to knit to old time radio shows or, as someone once called them, Theater of the Mind. These can be found on the internet and there are also various Android apps. Even Roku has an old time radio channel.

    • good idea Jo V. I envy any knitter who can knit and watch TV at the same time. I love to read so listening to books is a great idea.

    • Check out your local library’s website. I download books for 14 days and listen while crocheting and knitting. I don’t have to worry about returning the CDs either. After 14 days they are returned automatically. Check out Overdrive’s website for more info.

  • is there a pattern available for the sweater the woman in the promo is wearing (the gray sweater with the single button at top)?

    • It’s called Ardsley Jacket in the free patterns. I’m in the process of finishing it up!

    • That would be our Ardsley Jacket. You can find the pattern here.

      • thank you for the link! I had the same question.

      • Thanks!

  • Anxious to see what mine will look like!

  • Great! I can’t wait to see the colors of the rest of the star chart! Looking for Taurus! Happy New Year!

  • Another year of “sticks and yarn”, can’t ask for more than that.

  • Is the grey sweater in the promo ad a Lion Brand pattern? I love it and would love to make it!

  • to be honest everthing I knit has a small mistake in the knitting of the items. i knittted 5 ski hats this past Xmas for my Simple k2,p2 and was off on one stitch at the beginning of the first hat. As a result the k2,p2 had its own pattern! I call this my creative knitting. Oh well–it did look ok and the kids loved them.

    • In olden days the Nuns who were expect needle workers, always made a mistake somewhere in their work, so as not to compete with God, as he is the only Perfect Creator.

      • I think the Navaho weavers do that mistake thing, too.

    • That is an Amish tradition, as well. They say only God is perfect so things produced by human hands should not be perfect.

  • Can you confirm that the Aquarius scarf takes 2 skeins of Charcoal? When worked up, Color A (Charcoal) will be right next to color D (also Charcoal). Am I misreading something?

  • I love this idea! I just crocheted a scootie (part hoodie,part scarf) for my son’s fiance and although it was from a pattern I changed the colour combo to suit her and lined it with fleece to make it warmer cause she uses public transit to commute and this winter has been so cold I figure she could use all the extra projection, lol.

  • Sounds exciting. Downloaded the jacket, but disappointed the zodiac scarves are crochet…is there a knitted version?

  • Lion Brand!! I love everything about it. I might try a scarf if my granddaughter would like one.

  • I made a special trip to the Lion Brand Studio to see this window when I was recently in New York City. So beautiful! But then, all of your windows are!

  • […] year we celebrate your creativity and the unique ways in which handcrafting with yarn helps you shine through. Not only is everything you create a reflection of you, but we also realized that you want ideas to […]

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