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Introducing A Year Of Ideas To Help You Shine Through!

The Zodiac Window Display at Lion Brand Yarn Studio, our flagship studio in NYC.

We are creators. In our everyday lives, we prepare our own version of recipes for our families, plant colorful or edible gardens to fit our outdoor spaces, and of course knit, crochet and craft with yarn. We start with some basic components—a washable or exotic fiber in a range of heathers or brights that we couldn’t resist—and turn them into something completely our own.

With everything you make, you shine through.

From the colors you choose to the length of a scarf to the initials you embroidered on the baby blanket—the completely original way your knit or crochet creations unfold is how you share your own unique personality to the world.

In the coming year, we are going to celebrate your shining moments and share with you many ideas to customize and personalize everything you make so it perfectly suits the person you are making it for and in every way possible, you shine through in the finished piece.

In January we begin with a selection of scarves that are designed with a bit of magic.  The Zodiac scarves are the perfect personalized  birthday gift.  Each one is designed with colors based on the twelve signs of the Zodiac.  The colors were chosen to reflect the qualities that each sign is known for.

But, there is a lot more in store this year as we bring you scores of ideas for personalizing everything you knit and crochet.  With every stitch you make, we'll help you shine through.

Please share with us in the comments, your favorite ways for customizing your hand knit and hand crocheted pieces.

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