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Inspiring the Next Generation: Connecting with Baruch and Pratt Students

When I was young, school was definitely not one of my favorite places to go, but as I have gotten older I have found a new respect for the classroom. As most knitters and crocheters know, there is always a new skill or pattern or challenge to take on, and as I've gotten older, I've realized how important it is to continue to expand my own knowledge and to share that knowledge with others. Over the past month I had the pleasure of speaking to two Marketing classes, one from Baruch College and one from Pratt Institute, both in New York City. These presentations allowed me to speak to the students about the various aspects of our company that have made us successful over the years and our core values.

The Baruch students were part of an eco-focused marketing class, and so we discussed various "green" initiatives and efforts that we've taken on at Lion Brand. I spoke to them about the various eco-friendly features of the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, our store in New York City, such as bamboo flooring, recycled ceiling tiles, recycled materials used to make our cash/wrap and counters, and water-based paints. I also presented our organic yarns, such as Nature's Choice Organic Cotton and LB Collection Organic Wool, and recycled yarns like our Recycled Cotton. It was important to me to also talk to the students about how this family-owned company has continued to evolve over the years and innovate in this traditional, but forward-moving industry.

The students of Pratt Institute (pictured) came to take a tour of our Studio. They received a tour from Patty and we gave them a firsthand look at the ways we've made this store a unique retail destination for yarn. After the tour, they met with Ilana and learned all about the importance of social media to Lion Brand, from our Facebook page to Twitter, and of course this blog. Karen and the rest of our Design team then walked them through the design process and gave them a constructive view on how much work goes into making our patterns and garments come to life.

I enjoyed speaking to these students as much as they enjoyed spending the night getting an insight to our business. I hope I was able to inspire them as they have inspired me.

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